Stars Honor the Memory of Toby Keith, an “American Icon”

Toby Keith, a renowned country songwriter and political activist, passed away from stomach cancer at the age of 62, with celebrities raising Solo cups in his honor.

Stars Honor the Memory of Toby Keith: On Monday, in remembrance of Toby Keith, who succumbed to stomach cancer, celebrities from the country music industry and beyond raised their crimson Solo cups in his honor. At the time, he was 62.

According to a statement on his website, Keith passed away in his family’s company.

“He courageously and gracefully fought his battle,” the statement read.

Keith, a successful country songwriter who composed patriotic anthems, gained notoriety for his politically charged compositions after September 11th, including “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue,” as well as lively club music such as “I Love This Bar” and “Red Solo Cup.” His range, powerful, booming voice, and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor enabled him to perform both drinking and love tunes.

Many country artists took to social media to commemorate the seven-time Grammy winner Keith and the influence his music had on their lives as they awakened to the news of his passing. Guests of honor and admirers alike joined them in paying homage to Keith.

Jelly Roll claimed in an Instagram Story that “Toby was one of the millions of people who inspired me.”

Keith was referred to as “an American icon” by singer-songwriter Randy Houser in an Instagram post that featured a video of Houser performing Keith’s 2003 smash “I Love This Bar.”

With the caption “RIP. A country music and American legend” posted to Instagram Stories, Morgan Wallen echoed this sentiment.

Keith was described in a statement by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum as an “outsider” who delighted in doing things his way.

“Toby Keith was enormous, arrogant, and never slowed down or bowed to others. His background is uniquely American; he was a former oil field laborer who established a unique career in country music through his powerful voice and unyielding determination. When he felt Nashville was underserving, he subsequently established his record label and composed his breakthrough songs.

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He delighted in his outsider status and his manner of doing things. Although he was deeply patriotic, it did not bother him if your convictions were unambiguously strong. He embodied the defiant fortitude of the country music audience for thirty years. “His memory will perpetually endure,” wrote Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum CEO Kyle Young.

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