Top 5 Most Difficult GTA Missions: A Compilation of Challenging Tasks Throughout the Years

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has spawned numerous memorable moments, but some challenging missions, such as cumbersome controls or precise movement, have led to player disengagement.

Most Difficult GTA Missions: The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been the source of numerous fan-favorite moments that have left an indelible mark. However, a considerable number of tasks have prompted numerous players to abruptly cease their engagement with the game. While certain “tough missions” may present difficulties due to cumbersome controls or poor camera angles, others demand precise movement that can be difficult to master.

Undoubtedly, certain missions in Grand Theft Auto are also highly regarded, and completing them is seen as a significant accomplishment in the community. Despite differing opinions, people are now furious enough to put a stop to certain missions.

Five Difficult GTA Missions

5 most difficult missions in 3D Universe GTA games

1) Grand Theft Auto: Demolition Man in Vice City

Fans are pleased that GTA 6 is concentrating on Vice City and are anticipating that it will evoke pleasant recollections of the original installment. Almost no one is in favor of the return of the Demolition Man mission. Many players have found it extremely difficult to fly an RC helicopter and deposit explosives inside a building that is still being constructed, despite it sounding like an enjoyable activity.

Due to its cumbersome controls, the helicopter was difficult to maneuver. Players frequently encountered obstacles or failed to locate drop sites, which compelled them to seek out the pyrotechnics. The ticking clock adds unneeded pressure, which makes the situation worse.

Even though completing Demolition Man does not contribute to the progression of the narrative, completionists often become mired in it while on runs.

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2) Pilot School for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Hardest GTA Missions

Almost all players find the Pilot School mission in Grand Theft Auto 6 to be repulsive, even though enthusiasts would like to see many San Andreas elements included in the latter. CJ must complete the mission by gaining expertise in piloting an airplane and overcoming several air traffic control obstacles.

It sounds simpler than it is, however. The aircraft’s controls are peculiar and become even more challenging when operating with a mouse and keyboard. A mission failure occurs when the vehicle fails to make the intended turn and therefore fails to complete the waypoints.

Overall, the Pilot School mission was so vehemently aggravating that a great number of players abandoned the game in a fit of rage.

3) Grand Theft Auto: The Wrong Side of the Tracks objective

Another objective in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that has caused some players to lose their cool is The Wrong Side of the Tracks. Due to the frequency with which they failed to complete this task, Big Smoke’s warning, “All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ,” still haunts the gamers.

Although devising the strategy to follow the train and have Big Smoke eliminate the opposing gang member is straightforward, the train’s detachment and arrival at the intended location are still quite irritating. In addition to being one of the most popular missions in the series, Wrong Side of the Tracks is also a humorous and challenging challenge.

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4) Grand Theft Auto III: Missions of the Hardest GTA

Due to its antiquated controls and advanced age, Grand Theft Auto III is one of the most challenging games in the series. Moreover, the absence of GPS on the map exacerbated the difficulty, specifically regarding the Espresso 2 Go task. Locating and destroying the dispersed food kiosks is the real challenge.

While GTA 3 was an instant classic upon its release, it lacked several components that Rockstar Games subsequently incorporated into the series. The Espresso 2 Go task is abhorrent to the majority of gamers for this reason alone. Time constraints and disorientation are frequent occurrences that have prompted numerous players to abandon the game in exasperation over the years.

5) Grand Theft Auto IV: The Snow Storm

Undoubtedly, one of the most realistic installments in the series is Grand Theft Auto 4. This is primarily due to the features, gameplay elements, and nefarious, plot-coiling narrative. The Snow Storm quest is, notwithstanding everything, among the most difficult in the entire game.

Although interacting with law enforcement officers and other personnel may present difficulties, evading them and fleeing is an entirely different matter. Being encircled and gunned down can easily frustrate players, leading them to abandon their tasks in anger.

While fans advocate for the reproduction of different GTA 6 missions, Rockstar Games has not renewed any of the ones listed here.

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