National Cherry Pie Day 2024 (US): Fun Activities, and Exciting Facts

National Cherry Pie Day, celebrated on February 20th, is a popular treat with a connection to George Washington's famous story of chopping down a cherry tree.

National Cherry Pie Day 2024 (US): National Cherry Pie Day falls on the twentieth of February. With its delightful fruit and buttery crust, this beloved treat is enjoyed in various forms, whether homemade or store-bought, as the pie has a magical way of enhancing flavors. Some speculate that the proximity of this celebration to President’s Day and its timing shortly after may have inspired its connection to George Washington and the famous tale of him confessing to chopping down a cherry tree.

The History of Cherry Pie National Day

The origins of pie trace back to ancient Egypt around 9500 BCE. Egyptians filled pies with honey and dates enclosed in reeds, primarily for consumption. The Greeks are credited with the early pie concept, passing it on to the Romans and beyond. In medieval Europe, pies evolved with advancements in baking containers, initially made of reeds and later of flour and water. Despite the evolution of pie bases from reeds to crusts, early pies were primarily savory, filled with meats and seafood. The introduction of fruit tarts in the 1500s likely paved the way for cherry pie’s debut, possibly presented to Queen Elizabeth I. Cherry pies made their way to America with English settlers, where sour cherries became a popular filling. The American Revolution era saw the transformation of pie crusts from mere containers to edible delicacies.

FAQs for National Cherry Pie Day

Which cherries are best for pies?

Fresh, sweet cherries like Bing and Rainier are popular choices.

When is Cherry Day celebrated?

National Cherry Day is observed annually on July 16.

Who invented cherry pies?

Fruit tarts gained popularity in the 1500s, with the first cherry pie likely baked for Queen Elizabeth I.

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Five Delicious Pie Facts!

  •  Pie often evokes warm, joyful feelings in nearly half of Americans.
  •  A Kansas law banning the pairing of ice cream and cherry pie was repealed in the 1960s.
  •  Fruit pies were once a common breakfast choice in the early 20th century.
  •  Cherry pie ranks fifth among Americans’ favorite pie fillings.
  •  Tupperware pie crusts were originally designed to preserve fillings but became too rigid for consumption.


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