National Chocolate Mousse Day 2024 (US): Discover its New Facts and History

National Chocolate Mousse Day 2024 celebrates the delicious, silky texture of this French dessert, invented as a savory dish in French cuisine, now enjoyed in both cold and hot versions.

National Chocolate Mousse Day 2024 (US): We are not going to lie, at National Today, anything chocolate makes us go weak in the knees, and this is why National Chocolate Mousse Day on April 3 has got us all jittery with excitement. Imagine that smooth and silky chocolate taste settling in your mouth, slowly diminishing into sweet decadence. You can have it cold or hot, it tastes great either way. High-end French restaurants used to serve this French dessert, but after globalization hit, it has become a favorite all over the world. You don’t need to have expert French language skills to understand the foamy delectability. Did you know that mousse was not always dessert? The French invented mousse as a savory dish in French cuisine, and it literally means ‘foam’. Yep, you will find the best of both worlds here.

National Chocolate Mousse Day: History

We wish that you, too, are prepared with your utensils in preparation for National Chocolate Mousse Day. You wouldn’t want to miss the delectable delicacy for anything, after all.

As its name implies, chocolate mousse originated in France. A few historical hints do provide enough information to form an approximation of the dish’s creation date, although the exact date is unknown. The arrival of chocolate in France dates back to 1615. Although people gradually integrated chocolate into various delicacies, they did not invent chocolate mousse until the nineteenth century. By this juncture, mousse had already integrated itself into the gastronomic repertoire of France.

After gaining prominence in France, chocolate mousse spread to the United States. There are divergent accounts regarding the precise moment when the United States mass-produced chocolate mousse. The “Brooklyn Daily Eagle” published the recipe for chocolate mousse in 1887 to promote Miss Parloa’s cookery class, according to one instance. However, two additional accounts assert that A) an exhibition and B) the “Boston Daily Globe” in the Housekeepers Column disclosed the recipe in 1892.

Although these contradictory accounts do cause us to feel dizzy with perplexity, in the end, it is inconsequential because we are here for the chocolate mousse. Presently, there are numerous methods to enjoy the dessert, including with berries, seasonal fruits, and so forth. Esteemed individuals worldwide have developed an affinity for this delectable creation, which they effortlessly formulate using eggs, cocoa, and froth.

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National Chocolate Mousse Day: FAQs

What can be used in place of eggs to create a chocolate mousse that is vegan?

As an alternative to eggs, coconut milk or cream may be utilized. If you prefer not to have a coconut flavor, you may substitute avocado.

What is the shelf life of chocolate mousse?

Four to five days is the shelf life in the refrigerator. However, ensure that it is routinely stored in the refrigerator when not in use.

Now that I have prepared the chocolate mousse and it is setting in the refrigerator, when can I consume it precisely?

The setting process should take approximately 12 hours. Therefore, prepare it overnight and store it in the refrigerator. In all honesty, we believe that there should be no waiting period before consuming this delicacy. However, the delay is ultimately justified.

National Chocolate Mousse Day: Activities

Consume a chocolate mousse… or several

Simply put, dude! This is a difficult decision for us at National Today: whether to consume one or multiple portions of chocolate mousse. Possibly the latter. Regardless, the most appropriate method of commemorating the event is by partaking in the delicacy.

Construct chocolate mousse.

The formula calls for extremely basic ingredients. It is the tempo of the process that requires your attention. But once you’ve mastered it, everything will be a breeze!

Try a variety of garnishes.

One notable characteristic of chocolate mousse is its remarkable versatility. It pairs well with the majority of garnishes, including chocolate shavings, fruits, and sprinkles… They are all absolutely fantastic!

Five chocolate facts that will astound you

The Mayans considered chocolate as “food for the gods” and consumed it in conjunction with human sacrifice blood.

Producing a single chocolate bar can require an estimated time frame of two to four days.

To produce one pound of chocolate, 400 cocoa beans are required.

Chocolate seeds develop into pod-like structures similar to cotton, so chocolate can be considered a vegetable, albeit a somewhat elongated one.

A chocolate tree may require an entire year to mature, and even then, it is capable of producing no more than ten miniature bars.

National Chocolate Mousse Day: Dates

2024April 3Wednesday
2025April 3Thursday
2026April 3Friday
2027April 3Saturday
2028April 3Monday


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