National Rosé Day 2024 (US): Celebrating the Perfect Summer Wine

Celebrate National Rosé Day with friends, summer, and pink wine. Bodvár initiated the holiday, celebrated on June 8. Enjoy rosé, its deep pink or orange hue.

National Rosé Day 2024: Celebrate National Rosé Day with friends, summer, and all things pink! Few individuals require an excuse to open a new bottle of rosé wine; however, we have several excellent suggestions for transforming the day into a memorable and enjoyable event. N

International Rosé Day, which is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in June, was initiated by the Swedish Rosé house Bodvár to honor this exceptional midsummer wine. This year’s holiday falls on June 8. Raise a glass to this ideal summer beverage, whether you prefer it still or effervescent, with a deep pink hue or a more orange hue.

National Rosé Day: History

When the sun is dazzling, the sky is clear, and the sunbeds are out, it is the ideal moment to enjoy a glass of the silky pink beverage. However, who was the magician who first captured the pink haze of the twilight sky in a bottle?

Regrettably, the precise moment at which the beverage was first produced remains unclear, as many of the more well-known red wines were previously pink in color. This is because the methods employed to produce darker wines, such as hard pressing, were not extensively used. ancient Greeks, who were specialists in all things wine, preferred lighter drinks because they appeared more civilized.

Eventually, the Greeks and Romans were able to distinguish between their red and white wines. However, it was not until the Middle Ages that individuals from Phocaea, which is now part of Turkey, introduced grapevines to the ancient city of Marseille, which sparked a new interest in rosé.

Nevertheless, the introduction of rosé to the United States was somewhat delayed. It was not until recently that Sutter Home Winery, one of the most renowned American wineries, attempted to replicate the summer beverage. However, their initial attempt was unsuccessful, as the drink was overly sweet and had a disagreeable aftertaste. The winery was able to perfect the formula and become the first producer of the blush drink, despite this setback.

In the present day, rosé is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and allure. It is regarded as a wine that can satisfy thirst due to its widespread popularity. A beverage that is both enjoyable to consume while cooking and serves as a welcome beverage for visitors before dinner.

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National Rosé Day: FAQs

Is rosé produced from the same grapes as red wine?

Indeed, the sole distinction is that the red wine is fermented with the grape skin and juice for an extended period, resulting in a darker red hue.

What is the precise date of National Rose Day?

The holiday is observed on the second Saturday of June, but it falls on June 13 this year, 2020. This way, you can always commemorate the occasion and enjoy yourself throughout the weekend.

Is rosé a costly beverage?

It is entirely feasible to acquire an expensive bottle of rose, much like one might overspend on a hamburger. However, rosé has not been historically associated with high prices; at one time, a quality bottle could be purchased for as little as $15. Since that time, its popularity has increased; however, the most cost-effective options are priced between $20 and $30.

National Rosé Day: Activities

Organize a pink celebration

Beauty in pink is the focal point of National Rosé Day. Go all out on the rosy front by serving a variety of rosy-hued dishes, decorating with cherry-blushing blossoms, and dressing in pink! Additionally, ensure that you are serving rosé in your glasses.

Conduct a wine-sampling event

Collect your companions and explore the rosé wine revolution together. For suggestions on a variety of rosé wines to sample, seek advice from your local wine store. Serve with a diverse selection of cheeses and other treats to discover your new favorite.

Experiment with rosé cocktails.

You should be aware of the adaptability of rosé wine by now. Rosé is a beverage that is sure to bring a smile to the face of any individual, regardless of the occasion, cuisine, or personal preference. This adaptability also applies to its mixability; therefore, it is recommended that you employ a cocktail shaker to conduct your experimentation.

5 Inspiring Facts About Rosé

Bubbles? Potentially.

Rosé wine is available in both effervescent and non-bubbly varieties, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of wine enthusiasts.

Rosé versus blush wine

Rosés are frequently confused with blush wines due to the common misconception that they are sweet. However, blush wines are always sweet, while rosés are frequently among the driest wines produced.


A Rosé complements a wide range of foods, including seafood, piquant dishes, BBQ, and cheeses, due to its extensive selection. Additionally, it can be employed to prepare a delightful sangria.

Ideal for the summer

Rosé’s refreshing flavor has earned it the moniker “summer water.” Is it necessary to elaborate?


In New York, Primi, a bar, produced a slushy variant of the beverage known as Frosé.

National Rosé Day: Importance

It provides us with the chance to experiment with something novel.

The majority of individuals continue to adhere to the same, mundane colors of red or white. National Rosé Day compels us to stretch our wine-drinking wings and indulge in a unique beverage. Diversify your interests and experience a little more! You will not regret it.

It is a beverage that is adaptable.

Rosé wines are an excellent complement to barbecued meat and vegetables, although beer is the traditional beverage of choice when hosting friends for a summer barbecue. This wine is available in a variety of flavors, ensuring that there is a match for your preferred meal.

It is exceedingly attractive.

National Rosé Day presents an ideal opportunity to celebrate the loveliness of life and the contents of your glass. Rosé serves as a reminder that existence is replete with inconspicuous moments of loveliness.

National Rosé Day: Dates

2024June 8Saturday
2025June 14Saturday

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