National Mimosa Day 2024 (US): Activities, Importance, and Dates

May 16 is National Mimosa Day, celebrated with a timeless cocktail made from brut champagne and citrus juice, originating in the 1920s and derived from an Australian native yellow flower.

National Mimosa Day 2024: Cocktail and brunch lovers, mark May 16 as National Mimosa Day. This classic cocktail of brut champagne and citrus juice (orange juice is the most prevalent) is popular at brunch and weddings. The 1920s drink may have been named after an Australian yellow flower. Given its many variations, celebrating this universally loved drink is easy and fun.

National Mimosa Day: Activities

Lunch at Brunch!

Mimosas complement brunch similarly to how bacon and eggs, pancakes and syrup, or orange juice and champagne go. Even though May 16 is a Thursday this year, a workday should not prevent you from savoring this combination. If brunch is not possible, then consume breakfast for supper. Mimosas and French toast will provide the motivation necessary to endure the day.

Reimagine a time-honored beloved

It is not always necessary to use orange juice to make mimosas. Consider using your preferred fruit liquid in its place. Although blueberry, cranberry, and grapefruit pair well with champagne, you can be quite inventive. Additionally, a few berries or fruit segments may be incorporated to enhance the flavor and visual appeal of the dish.

Construct alcohol-free mimosas.

You’re in luck if you are under the age of 21 or simply prefer a non-alcoholic option. By substituting ginger ale for champagne, mimosas remain equally delectable and invigorating. Additionally, sparkling beverages like sparkling apple cider can be used as champagne substitutes.

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National Mimosa Day: Importance

They are simple to prepare.

Numerous concoctions necessitate shakers, ingredients, and additional equipment that few of us possess in our kitchens. Mimosa preparation is fast and easy! After placing your preferred chilled beverage in a glass (or, if you’re feeling fancy, a champagne flute), pour in the champagne. Indeed, voila!

We feel refined after consuming them.

A mimosa, notwithstanding its straightforward preparation, evokes an air of sophistication within us. It could be the champagne or the champagne flute. Perhaps it is the appealing hue and delicate, carbonated flavor. Perhaps it is the pronunciation of the name’s beauty. Regardless, it has the potential to transform a “bubble bath” into a “luxury bath.”

It is a flexible liquid.

Although mimosas are commonly served at brunch, on flights for First Class passengers, and at nuptials, their popularity extends beyond these specific events. They make for an enjoyable summer day. Days spent cooped up inside the home due to snow become even more enjoyable when shared with a beverage. Guests would enjoy having them for occasions like New Year’s Eve. The mimosa is an excellent beverage that can elevate any occasion throughout the year.

National Mimosa Day: Dates

2024May 16Thursday
2025May 16Friday
2026May 16Saturday
2027May 16Sunday
2028May 16Tuesday

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