National Mint Julep Day 2024 (US): Activities and Dates

National Mint Julep Day 2024 in Louisville features 120,000 mint juleps sold during Derby weekend, a refined, refreshing beverage associated with the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century.

National Mint Julep Day 2024 (US): Did you know that 120,000 mint juleps are sold in Louisville during Derby weekend? Although this cocktail, which is typically served in a silver cup, has been associated with the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century, is actually a refined, refreshing beverage that is suitable for any occasion.

National Mint Julep Day is still a celebration on May 30, regardless of whether you were unable to attend Derby Day or are still recovering from your wagering losses. All you require is bourbon, sugar, mint, and ice. Therefore, it is time to polish off your muddler and prepare some mint juleps!

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National Mint Julep Day 2024 (US): Activities

Host a Kentucky Derby costume celebration.

Did you miss the Rose Run? No problem—you can redo it. Be Southern belles and gentlemen on National Mint Julep Day. Women need picture headwear, and the fancier the better (why not a “Best Hat” contest?). Choose a spring suit or pastel linen sheath dress for a simple style. Dapper males should wear a seersucker or linen suit, bow tie, and fedora or bowler hat. The outfit is finished with conventional oxfords (no socks).

These variations adhere to the Buck tradition.

The traditional mint julep is composed of bourbon (or whiskey), sugar or simple syrup, mint, water, and shaved ice. However, there are numerous unconventional alternatives available. Would you prefer a cherry lime, watermelon, peach, or blackberry-mint julep? You have the option of creating mint-julep popsicles for a portable refreshment or mint-julep ice crystals that will transform any ordinary glass of Southern sweet tea into a cocktail.

Try a sip of bourbon.

It is possible that you are not fond of mint, or you simply cannot be pleased with the prospect of crushing all that ice. There is no need for concern. Hold a whiskey sampling and pretend that you are conducting research for the upcoming Derby Day. Locate a bar with a knowledgeable bartender and a well-stocked selection, or request that friends donate a bottle of their preferred, lesser-known bourbon to the cause.

National Mint Julep Day: Dates

2024May 30Thursday
2025May 30Friday
2026May 30Saturday
2027May 30Sunday
2028May 30Tuesday

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