National Submarine Day 2024 (US): History, Fun Facts, and FAQs

National Submarine Day commemorates the USS Holland's acquisition, highlighting the challenges faced by crews in the harsh underwater environment.

National Submarine Day 2024: April 11 is National Submarine Day, which commemorates the acquisition of the USS Holland, the initial modern commissioned submarine. The US Navy’s acquisition of their first modern submarine is commemorated on this day, which is significant to the submarine community.

However, life underwater is not exactly dazzling. Frequently, crews spend months at sea and only return when food supplies are running short. Daily schedules for substitutes may be jam-packed with monotonous responsibilities, and some may not always get along with the rest of the crew. Their adversaries and the elements are not the only challenges they face.

National Submarine Day’s History

While the Holland VI was not the first submarine the US government owned, National Submarine Day honors its acquisition. America owned the USS Alligator before any other submarine. On August 10, 1832, Brutus Villeroi unveiled his submarine, possibly the Nautilus, off France.

Due to its 10 feet 6 inches length and 3 feet 7 inches width, the submarine was called a “fish boat” at the time. The fish boat sank 20 feet; the sight was amazing. After decisive combat with a severe storm, Villeroi’s 1861 USS Alligator sank in the ocean on April 2, 1863.

On April 11, 1900, the US government paid $150,000 for the Holland VI, an invention by Irish-American inventor John Phillip Holland. Lieutenant H.H. Caldwell led the first modern submarine, which had many impressive features.

Dual propulsion, a stationary longitudinal center of gravity, primary and auxiliary ballast systems, improved hydrodynamics, and a modern weapon system were on the ship. Reports say the Holland VI’s deactivation on November 21, 1910, changed the US Navy.

Thomas J. Dodd presented a 1969 Senate bill declaring April 11 National Submarine Day. No documentation of Nixon’s proclamation existed at the time. The House and Senate may introduce it in 1970, but the year is unknown. However, the US Navy and others honored Holland VI for its contributions to contemporary combat.

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FAQs for National Submarine Day

When does a day on a submarine begin?

The 18-hour “day” of a submarine is divided into three six-hour segments. Thus, a submariner may sleep for twelve hours after training, apparatus maintenance, or working for six hours.

What purpose does a submarine serve?

They provide surface ships with intelligence and underwater protection and are superior to all other navy vessels in their ability to detect and plant mines. Submarines offer a method for stationing specialized forces in hostile regions and are capable of attacking land targets if equipped with the proper weaponry.

How is human refuse disposed of aboard submarines?

Typically, wastewater from showers, toilets, and other sources is discharged overboard from “Sanitary Tanks” located within the pressure hull. Submarines are also capable of pressurizing and emptying certain sanitary containers overboard.

National Submarine Day: Activities

Visit an operational submarine.

Have you ever contemplated the conditions of existence aboard a submarine? Become acquainted with marine life by touring an actual submarine. You will gain firsthand knowledge of the responsibilities and obstacles encountered by submariners, as well as an understanding of submarine operation and the way of life of a submariner.

Explore a Navy museum.

For history enthusiasts, a visit to a Navy museum would provide an exhaustive collection of information. Gain knowledge of the naval events and epic battles that altered the course of history. Experts who possess complete access to the information in question will respond to your inquiries.

Construct your naval journey.

Consider conducting a virtual tour of a Navy museum or a submarine if you cannot visit in person. Videos available online are the next best option. Utilize online videos to conduct independent investigations and delve deeply into specific naval history topics that pique your interest. For an even more tranquil experience, organize a submarine movie day and watch “The Hunt for Red October,” “U-571,” and other films that depict Hollywood’s interpretation of submarine action.

Five Facts Regarding National Submarine Day

Byway Subway

Additionally, the submarine is a sandwich variety composed of a lengthy cylinder of bread, spreads, meats, and vegetables.

Women were not permitted.

Female crew members were not permitted to be assigned to submarines before 2010, due to the inadequate living conditions and lack of seclusion on board.

Nuclear prospects

Many of John Holland’s concepts did not apply to the submarine at the time; their incorporation into the design had to wait until the advent of nuclear power.

Initial submarine

1620 saw the creation of the first known submarine by Cornelius Drebbel.

Leagues in front of the competition

I regard Wolfgang Peterson’s German epic film “Das Boot” as the preeminent film ever made about submarines.

Why National Submarine Day is Unique

It is submarines that have shaped history.

Significantly different would have been the trajectory of world history in the absence of naval conflicts. The outcomes of World War II, the Korean War, and the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971 involving submarines were not identical. If not for the formidable strength of the United States Navy, contemporary society might have appeared differently.

They possess an air of mystery about them.

Undoubtedly, submarines are captivating due to their inherent evasion characteristics. These vessels traverse the ocean floor at depths beyond comprehension, collecting intelligence and carrying out covert operations. It is not surprising that so many films have been made about them.

The greatest navy on the planet

The United States Navy’s overwhelming power is formidable and merits reverence. Undoubtedly, the United States possesses the most formidable naval force globally, boasting over 300,000 active personnel and an additional 100,000 in reserve status. They are perpetually driven to improve their operations to maintain their position at the top.

National Submarine Day Dates

2024April 11Thursday
2025April 11Friday
2026April 11Saturday
2027April 11Sunday
2028April 11Tuesday

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