National Travel Insurance Claims Day 2024 (US): Discover its Interesting History and Facts

We observe National Travel Insurance Claims Day on May 14 to honor the travel insurance industry personnel who are responsible for processing claims.

National Travel Insurance Claims Day 2024 (US): We observe National Travel Insurance Claims Day on May 14 to honor the travel insurance industry personnel who are responsible for processing claims. It is currently unimaginable to travel without insurance. Furthermore, it is prudent to possess one, particularly when embarking on an extended journey or traveling internationally.

Claims for travel insurance are as distinct as the experts who handle them. Insurance experts assist millions of travelers before, during, and after their journeys. We observe National Travel Insurance Claims Day to recognize this vital service and all individuals who contribute to assuring a worry-free journey.

National Travel Insurance Claims Day: History

According to Aon Travel Practice, an American travel insurance company, the first celebration of National Travel Insurance Claims Day took place in 2019. Have you ever pondered the advantages that travel insurance provides? Travel insurance is specifically designed to provide users with comprehensive protection against various mishaps that may occur during their journey. It may provide coverage for emergency medical assistance, evacuation, baggage loss and damage, theft, and delays in transporting personal possessions. This is especially beneficial for those who are embarking on an extended journey abroad or who are required to utilize multiple modes of transportation.

Although travel insurance has existed in some form for nearly 150 years, it has only recently gained significant popularity over the past 50 years or so. With the introduction of numerous new types of travel insurance coverage that protect against illnesses, trip cancellations, abductions, and other potential hazards of travel, the landscape has evolved over time.

In 1864, James Batterson established and managed the inaugural travel insurance agency. At that time, the upper and upper-middle classes were the only ones who used travel insurance. The travel insurance provider for Batterson provided comprehensive coverage for all travel-related expenses, such as larceny and unforeseen incidents. In the 20th century, travel insurance policies added health insurance coverage, causing customers to rush to acquire it. However, current travel insurance compensates for losses incurred as a result of missed hotel reservations, canceled flights, and other unforeseen obstacles during travel.

As a result, travel insurance became an essential purchase for numerous international vacationers and enterprises. As the prevalence of air travel increased, so did the demand for travel insurance policies. Amid this, experts anticipate that travel insurance will experience an increase in advantages for the following decade.

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National Travel Insurance Claims Day: FAQs

What does travel insurance not cover?

A common exclusion in travel insurance policies pertains to epidemics and pandemics. In general, coverage excludes trip cancellations and interruptions caused by anticipated, predictable, or known circumstances, epidemics, or travel-related anxiety.

Does it make sense to purchase excursion insurance?

While travel insurance may require a premium of 5% to 10% of the total cost of your trip, the potential reimbursement for hundreds of thousands of dollars in covered expenses (such as emergency evacuation, medical bills, and trip cancellation costs) makes it a worthwhile investment.

What are the permissible grounds for travel cancellation?

The covered grounds for trip cancellations typically consist of the following: the insured, a family member, a business partner, or a traveling companion’s demise, as well as the occurrence of a natural calamity at the destination.

Five Fascinating Travel Insurance Facts

  1. In the event of an accident, travel insurance policies may provide coverage for a variety of adventure sports-related perils, such as paragliding, bungee jumping, and ziplining.
  2. It is not rare for passengers to report that their cargo was mishandled by misbehaving animals.
  3. Trip investment, personal health, and personal belongings insurance are classified three distinct categories of travel insurance.
  4. One may file a claim with their travel insurance for maulings and snack stings.
  5. Pet travel insurance provides coverage for costs associated with the loss, injury, or demise of a pet.

National Travel Insurance Claims Day: Dates

2024May 14Tuesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday
2028May 14Sunday

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