Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024: History, Activities and Dates

Global Accessibility Awareness Day, observed on May 16, promotes digital inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities, encouraging discussions, debates, and self-education on digital usability and accessibility.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024: Every third Thursday of May, Global Accessibility Awareness Day is observed with an emphasis on accessibility. The event occurs this year on May 16. Global Accessibility Awareness Day promotes conversations, debates, and self-education regarding digital access issues. As a pivotal occasion that emphasizes digital inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities, the day’s objective is to inspire action and increase awareness.

It is crucial to enhance the usability and accessibility of digital products such as websites, mobile applications, and other online tools so that all individuals, irrespective of their disabilities, have equal access to the information.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: History

Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which was instituted in 2012, seeks to educate and spark dialogue regarding accessibility. Joe Devon, a web developer based in Los Angeles, first came up with the idea in a solitary blog post. This blog post motivated the observance of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Due to their collaborative efforts, Devon and Jennison Asuncion established Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Asuncion, a Toronto-based accessibility expert, stumbled upon Devon’s blog post by accident after encountering one of his tweets while browsing the web. Immediately after reading it, he initiated communication with Devon via Twitter, and the two of them collaborated to organize the event by leveraging their extensive and distinct networks.

The official website for Global Accessibility Awareness Day states that the occasion aims to stimulate discourse and knowledge-building among individuals with various disabilities and digital (web-based) access and inclusion.

Local Global Accessibility Awareness Day events may feature demonstrations of how individuals with disabilities utilize assistive technologies to navigate the web and digital products, or they may offer support to technology developers to ensure that their creations take into account the requirements of individuals with specific disabilities.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day: FAQs

What is the scope of digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility refers to the procedure by which digital products, such as websites, mobile applications, and other online tools, are rendered universally accessible.

How does accessibility benefit you and other individuals?

It is an undeniable fact that accessibility benefits every segment of society, including individuals with disabilities. Enhanced accessibility results in improved independence and social integration, in addition to an overall enhancement in quality of life.

Which categories comprise accessibility?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines stipulate that content must be POUR (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust).

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Activities

Consider hearing and vision impairments

Whether you produce videos for your company or as a content creator on platforms like YouTube or TikTok, it is highly recommended that you incorporate closed captions to enhance the accessibility of your videos. In addition to captioning the videos, you can assist those who are hard of hearing by including audio descriptions and substituting visual indicators for audible signals. In addition, the creation and inclusion of a transcript is feasible for digital products, including online courses. If necessary, enables individuals with visual impairments to view the “alt text” that is accompanied by an image.

Regarding accessibility, developers and designers

Designers and developers must invest effort in screen-reader testing to ensure that their creations remain navigable for individuals with disabilities. Users should be able to select between keyboard-based and mouse-based input, should they so choose. Integrate functionalities that aid users in navigating the website, locating specific content, and ascertaining their current location.

Leverage the capabilities of social media

People can only effect change if they are educated and made conscious of the significance of diversity. Spread awareness regarding accessibility and generate discourse on social media platforms. On this Global Accessibility Awareness Day, share your endeavors to foster a more inclusive world.

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Five Facts about Disabilities and Accessibility

A billion individuals

One billion individuals globally are afflicted with impairments or infirmities that impact their visual, motor, auditory, or cognitive capabilities.

Less vivid text

One prevalent accessibility concern is text with inadequate contrast.

Errors occurring

There are an astounding 69.9 errors per homepage.

Frequent deficiencies

The prevailing impairments impact motor, cognitive, auditory, and visual functions.

Null connections

One frequent accessibility deficiency observed in websites is the absence of links.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Significance

The concept of inclusion

To foster a genuinely inclusive global community, digital accessibility is critical. Throughout the domains of e-learning, employment, medicine, and e-business, this represents equal opportunity. This means that in the age of social media, all individuals are capable of establishing connections with others and broadening their social networks.

It is for each individual.

Even individuals who do not consider themselves to be impaired can benefit from digital accessibility. One may have already encountered the advantages of digital accessibility through the utilization of a smartphone to enlarge text. When developing digital products and services, accessibility should permeate every aspect, from the construction of websites to the most minute aspects of user interconnection.

Availability for the web

Accessible technology is not restricted to a particular subset of individuals; it is available to all. In other words, accessibility refers to the ability of technological systems to be used by all people. Accessibility impacts every facet of web usage, from the construction of websites to the smallest web connections.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Dates

2024May 16Thursday
2025May 15Thursday
2026May 21Thursday

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