Syria Independence Day 2024: Explore its Intriguing History and Facts

Syria Independence Day 2024, celebrated on April 17, honors the country's independence, with the majority of its population being Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, Assyrians, and various religious communities.

Syria Independence Day 2024: April 17 is observed as Syria’s Independence Day, a federal holiday in commemoration of the country. Syria is a Western Asian country characterized by verdant plains, towering mountains, and deserts. Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians, and numerous other ethnic and religious groups follow Syrian Arabs as the majority of the population.

Syria Independence Day: History

Syrian territory was incorporated into the Islamic dominion during the period of 634–640, when it was conquered by Muslim Arab forces led by Khalid Ibn al-Rashidun Walid. During the seventh century, when the Umayyad dynasty controlled the empire, the capital was moved to Damascus. Syria was comprised of the districts of Homs, Damascus, Palestine, and Jordan at this time. Due to the rapid expansion of the Islamic empire during its zenith, it extended from Spain to portions of Central Asia and India, which contributed to the economic prosperity of Syria, the seat of the empire.

The empire’s emperors granted permission for the presence of Christians, predominantly of Aramaean descent, and Assyrians in the northeast. Moreover, these Christians occupied a variety of government positions. The Caliphate experienced its decline during the mid-eighth century as a result of religious and dynastic disputes. Following the eventual overthrow of the Umayyad monarchy by the Abbasid dynasty in 750, Baghdad was elevated to the status of the imperial capital. Arabic was made the official language during the Umayyad dynasty, and subsequently, Arabic was designated as the language of instruction by the Abbasids.

The court of Saif al-Daula emerged as a hub of intellectual activity due to its zealous support for Arabic literature. Through defensive maneuvers and counteroffensives into Anatolia, Saif al-Daula thwarted Byzantine efforts to reconquer Syria. However, following his death, the Byzantines took control of Antioch and Aleppo in 969. Syria continued to serve as the backdrop for numerous power struggles despite being completely under Byzantine control by 996.

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Syria Independence Day: FAQs

When is the Independence Day of Syria?

Syria observes Independence Day, also referred to as Evacuation Day, on April 17 each year. This federal holiday honors Syria’s sovereignty as a nation.

Geographically speaking, where is Syria situated?

Syria is a nation situated in Southwestern Asia, along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

What precipitated Syria’s independence?

Syria and France signed a treaty of independence in 1936, which granted France economic and military dominance while permitting Syria to maintain its independence. During World War II, Syrian territory was under the occupation of British and Free French forces. However, Syria achieved its formal independence in 1946, shortly after the conclusion of the conflict.

Five Interesting Facts about Syria

  1. The geographical area from which the name “Syria” originates is Assyria.
  2. Syria is a multicultural country comprising inhabitants of Greek, Armenian, and Arab descent, among others.
  3. The earliest library in the world is located in Ebla, Syria.
  4. Syria was an imperial possession of the Ottoman Empire for four hundred years.
  5. Known as the Umayyad Mosque or Great Mosque of Damascus, it was built between 705 and 715 and is the oldest stone mosque still surviving in the region.

Syria Independence Day: Dates

2024April 17Wednesday
2025April 17Thursday
2026April 17Friday
2027April 17Saturday
2028April 17Monday

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