Tim Tam Day 2024 (Australia): On February 16th of each year, Australians observe Tim Tam Day in remembrance of the national treasure that is the venerated Tim Tam cookie. Australians are encouraged to celebrate their love for Tim Tams and come up with creative ways to enjoy them on this special day marked on the national calendar.

Tim Tam Day: History

In 1964, Arnott’s introduced Tim Tam, a popular Australian biscuit. Ian Norris invented the cream-filled Tim Tam sandwich biscuit for Arnott’s. After trying Penguin biscuits in Britain, he decided to create a sandwich biscuit for his organization. The 1964 biscuits were named after the Derby horse Tim Tam.

In 2003, Arnott’s sued Dick Smith Foods for making a biscuit brand with the same look and packaging. Both companies settled out of court. Tim Tam’s biscuit production began in 2008 in the US. In 2017, a mint-and-chocolate Tim Tam biscuit was developed with American tastes in mind.

Newcastle got its first Arnot’s bakery in 1865. Arnott’s confectionery is mostly sold domestically in Australia. Brisbane and Sydney have many bakeries.

Arnott’s introduced honeycomb, dark mint chocolate, white chocolate, double chocolate, and sweet caramel Tim Tams in the early 2000s. In addition, two Tim Tam biscuit flavors were created for Indonesia. Next, a limited-edition cheese flavor hit the market.

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Tim Tam Day 2024 (Australia): FAQs

What is the date of Tim Tam Day?

In Australia, people celebrate Tim Tam Day every year on February 16th.

What is the challenge for Tim Tams?

The Tim Tam challenge entails sipping a heated liquid through opposing corners of the biscuit, which bits into mush until the biscuit becomes edible.

What is Tim Tam Slam’s place of origin?

Imaginative Australians in search of amusement are believed to have originated the Tim Tam Slam. Advertising-driven, Arnott’s first considered the moniker “Tim Tam Suck” before deciding on “Tim Tam Slam.”

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Tim Tam Day 2024 (Australia): Activities

  • Personalized snack baskets comprised of Tim Tams, which are available in a variety of flavors at nearby grocery stores, make for considerate presents.
  • Incorporate Tim Tam biscuits into desserts, such as using them as a base for no-bake cheesecakes or instant brownies or as a topping for ice cream with crumbled Tim Tams.
  • Collaborate with family and friends to sample new Tim Tam flavors, including honeycomb, dark chocolate chile, and red velvet, and share your tasting experiences.

Intriguing Facts About Dark Chocolate

  • The ancient Mayans utilized dark chocolate for medicinal purposes, attesting to its therapeutic properties.
  • Spain made the discovery of cocoa in the late 1500s.
  • The world widely recognizes Amedei Porcelana as the most expensive chocolate.
  • The kernels of the Theobroma cacao tree produce the dark chocolate nut.

Motives For Appreciating Tim Tam Day

  • Tim Tam Day offers an occasion to sample Australian treats in addition to Tim Tams, including fairy bread and lamingtons.
  • Enjoy Tim Tams for a variety of occasions, including late-night cravings, quick pick-me-ups, and special moments. Australia consumes approximately 45 million packs of Tim Tams each year.
  • Tim Tam, founded by William Arnott in 1865, has been a major participant in the global cookie and biscuit industry. An examination of its history provides valuable insights into the enduring impact of Arnott.

Tim Tam Day Dates

2024February 16Friday
2025February 16Sunday
2026February 16Monday
2027February 16Tuesday
2028February 16Wednesday

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