National Whistleblower Reward Day 2024 (US): Know about its History and Facts

National Whistleblower Reward Day 2024 raises public awareness about fraudulent activities and encourages reporting of government misconduct, addressing $350 billion annual fraud expenses.

National Whistleblower Reward Day 2024 (US): Annually, National Whistleblower Reward Day occurs on February 20. It is a designated day to raise public awareness about fraudulent activities and encourage individuals to report instances of government misconduct.

Are you aware that annually, the government incurs billions of dollars in fraud expenses? Yes, fraud annually costs the government an astounding $350 billion, or 10% of all expenditures. To combat this vice, the government has sought the assistance of individuals who sound the whistle. In light of this, what is National Whistleblower Reward Day exactly, and how does the reward system function? In this manner, everything is assembled.

National Whistleblower Reward Day: History

Regrettably, these things often go unreported, even though corruption, fraud, and illicit activity have the potential to undermine and incapacitate any industry or community. These can be halted through the practice of whistleblowing, which entails disclosing or reporting illicit activities to the appropriate authorities in order to safeguard public opinion and the rationality of the United States.

National Whistleblower Reward Day was instituted by Joel Hesch to raise consciousness regarding the rewards that are accessible to individuals who expose government malfeasance. Hesch spent sixteen years at the national whistleblower reward office of the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. He established his firm with the sole purpose of advocating for whistleblowers’ compensation claims under federal and state whistleblower rewards programs.

At present, three prominent whistleblower programs in the United States provide substantial financial incentives to individuals who expose government deception. Under the False Claims Act, the U.S. Department of Justice (D.O.J.) operates the largest whistleblower reward program. For reporting any form of fraud against one of the over twenty distinct agencies or programs, whistleblowers will be compensated. Medicare, the military, and homeland security are a few examples.

National Whistleblower Reward Day 2024: FAQs

Illustrate whistleblowing.

When workers disclose malfeasance that they believe is in the public interest, they are engaging in whistleblowing. Illustrative instances of whistleblowing encompass illicit operations, unethical or unjust conduct within the workplace, and even larceny.

Is it moral to sound the whistle?

Indeed, the ethics of whistleblowing mirror the reprehensible nature of the practices it exposes. There are numerous false beliefs that whistleblowers are spies, and these are all unfounded. However, this negative reputation is the result of the accused’s efforts to smear the whistleblowers.

Define the characteristics of a whistleblower.

Most federal whistleblower statutes in the United States stipulate that federal employees must have reasonable grounds to suspect that their employer has contravened any law, rule, or regulation to qualify as whistleblowers.

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National Whistleblower Reward Day 2024: Activities

Motivate others to learn

Educating others on the advantages of whistleblowing is the most effective method to observe National Whistleblower Reward Day. These individuals deserve recognition and commendation for their valiant actions.

Exhaust the whistle

Reporting instances of fraud is a significant method to participate in National Whistleblower Reward Day. Indeed, if you have sustained your patience regarding the deceit within your organization for an extended period, now is the moment to take action.

Master the legislation

You are welcome to share your experience or knowledge regarding whistleblowing if you have any. Additionally, you can investigate local whistleblower protection laws.

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National Whistleblower Reward Day: Facts

It pays handsomely.

Over $500,000 is the average reward for reporting deception.

Whistleblowers require safeguards.

31% of whistleblowers encountered physical assaults on their property in 2011.

Incentives for Medicare fraud

Medicare fraud is rewarded with 15 to 20 percent of the amount recovered by the D.O.J.

The maximum award

In a solitary case, the maximum reward has reached $150 million.


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