Victory in Europe Day 2024: Investigate its Surprising History and Facts

Victory in Europe Day 2024 commemorates Germany's unconditional surrender during World War II, despite Japan's ongoing war against the Allies.

Victory in Europe Day 2024: The Allies formally accepted Germany’s unconditional capitulation of its armed forces during World War II on May 8, which is observed as Victory in Europe Day. Do you know that Japan continued waging war against the Allied forces even after Germany, the war’s architect, surrendered? The costliest conflict in history, World War II, devastated Europe’s economy, claimed more than seventy-five million lives, and obliterated cities.

After Hitler invaded Poland, the conflict lasted nearly six years until Japan surrendered. Victory in Europe Day is a national holiday in several European countries, including the UK and US.

Victory in Europe Day: History

The Allied forces encircled Germany on April 30, 1945, thereby further suffocating the German army. Hitler, having come to terms with the inevitability of his predicament, murdered Eva Braun, his newlywed wife, and then took one’s life in his bunker in Berlin. Hitler’s successor, Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, initiated negotiations with the Allies for a term of surrender as soon as he assumed the presidency. Preventing the Soviets from capturing as many Germans as possible was his foremost objective.

British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery formally acknowledged the German forces’ unconditional capitulation in the Netherlands, northwest Germany, and Denmark on May 4 at Luneburg Heath. German General Alfred Jodl and Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower signed another unconditional military capitulation at SHAEF H.Q. in Reims on May 7.

German Field Marshal William Keitel affixed the definitive German Instrument of Surrender, which had been marginally altered, to the Karls horst, Berlin, document the following day. The news of the German surrender, which was broadcast on radio on May 7, rapidly disseminated throughout the Western world, inciting widespread jubilation, particularly in North America and the United Kingdom.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) halted their programming in order to declare Victory in Europe Day a national holiday. Over one million people celebrated in London at Trafalgar Square, the Mall, and Buckingham Palace. The British Royal Family and Prime Minister Winston Churchill waved to the crowds from the palace balcony.

Victory in Europe Day coincided with the 61st birthday of President Harry Truman in the United States. The United States flag, nevertheless, remained at half-mast as he honored his late predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, with the victory’s dedication. Canada, France, and Australia marked Victory in Europe Day, but a disturbance in Canada killed three people.

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Victory in Europe Day: FAQs

Does Germany observance of Victory in Europe Day occur?

Victory in Europe Day is mostly a Memorial Day in Germany for war dead. On this day, they also pledge to prevent future incidents.

Who observes the day of Victory in Europe?

Except for Israel and the EU, Europe and North America celebrate Victory in Europe Day.

In what manner do the French observe Victory in Europe Day?

People commemorate Victory in Europe Day with considerable jubilation and enthusiasm. France celebrates Victory in Europe Day with monument visits, air force flyovers, church services, parades, and celebrations.

Five crucial facts regarding World War II

  1. World War II involved Britain, France, Russia, China, and the US versus Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  2. Hitler’s Germany killed six million Jews during the war.
  3. Countries like Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden remained neutral during the war.
  4. The conflict killed 75 million people, 20 million of them military and 40 million civilians.
  5. Other than Jews, Hitler executed disabled people and Roma who did not fit his ideal and most powerful race.

Victory in Europe Day: Dates

2024May 8Wednesday
2025May 8Thursday
2026May 8Friday
2027May 8Saturday
2028May 8Monday

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