International Midwives Day 2024: Discover its Intriguing History and FAQs

International Midwives' Day, observed since 1992, raises awareness about critical care midwives provide to mothers and newborns, commemorating their contributions to healthcare and their efforts in global improvement.

International Midwives Day 2024: May 5 is International Midwives’ Day since 1992. Midwives’ vital care for mothers and babies and their services to healthcare are celebrated on this day. It also allows us to recognize their efforts to improve the planet.

International Midwives Day: History

Midwives provide compassionate, skilled, and labor-saving care to expecting women, newborns, and their families during conception, delivery, postpartum, and the first weeks after birth.

Optimization of biological, psychological, and sociocultural birth processes, prompt risk mitigation and intervention, and referral to additional services are key. Encourage patients to self-care and care for their families and value their unique perspectives.

Midwives, student midwives, and maternity support staff have risked their lives and surmounted obstacles to serve communities and families. Today was formed to garner support for their demands that the government invest in maternity care to recognize their contributions to our communities.

In 1987, the International Confederation of Midwives held a conference in the Netherlands that proposed a midwifery day. Iran, New Zealand, and others observed it in 2014.

The State of the World’s Midwifery Report (SoWMy) was released on International Midwives’ Day, May 5, 2021. The report collected S.R.M.N.A.H. personnel statistics from 194 countries.

Novametrics, the UN Population Fund (U.N.F.P.A.), I.C.M. and the WHO created the report, which highlights difficulties and hurdles to future advancement and illustrates growth since 2011. An estimated 1.1 million S.R.M.N.A.H. workers, including over 900,000 midwives, are needed worldwide.

International Midwives’ Day honors midwives’ exceptional contributions to mankind and highlights the growing evidence and statistics showing midwifery is crucial to healthcare.

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International Midwives Day: FAQs

What are the duties of midwives?

A midwife is responsible for monitoring the health of her patients from the moment she detects a pregnancy until the conclusion of labor and for a brief period following delivery.

What is the mean number of working days exhibited by a midwife?

Midwives frequently pursue advanced degrees and expand their professional knowledge in a variety of contexts. To deliver integrated care that is centered around the woman, midwives are required to work seven days a week, including night and day schedules.

Is the coursework required to become a midwife challenging?

A midwifery degree is among the most rigorous academic and intellectual requirements of any program. In addition to working full time, including evenings and weekends, they are required to complete a rigorous BA or BSc program.

International Midwives Day: Activities

More information on midwifery

One of the best methods to observe International Midwives’ Day is by gaining knowledge about midwifery and its function in home birth. Acknowledging their valuable contributions to ensuring secure delivery constitutes an initial stride towards esteeming their efforts.

Express gratitude.

Communicate your appreciation to a midwife or other individual who assisted you during childbirth by sending them a token of appreciation or by contacting them directly. A modest expression of gratitude can have a profound impact.

Contribute to raising awareness

Why not explore alternative approaches to disseminating information about midwives to the general public? This may be accomplished through a marathon, a public performance, a march, or a rally, among other activities. Develop a social media campaign as an additional option.

Five Facts About Midwives

Superman has nothing to do with this.

A projected 4.3 million lives per year can be saved by 2035 by increasing the number of midwives and enhancing the quality of care they provide, according to the most recent edition of the State of the World’s Midwifery Report.

Superior probability

The American College of Nurse-Midwives states that nurse-midwifery minimizes the need for cesarean sections, induced labor, and anesthesia.

One mother’s decision

Midwifery: Evidence-Based Practice, published by the American College of Nurse-Midwives, shows a substantial increase in US midwifery deliveries since 1991.

The same difference

The Cochrane Library finds that healthy women who have regular pregnancies have similar results to those who consult an obstetrician.

Licensed professionals

Although certification is not mandatory for all midwives, a midwife in practice may elect to pursue a variety of credentials and credential programs.

International Midwives Day: Significance

Midwives are champions in action.

In addition to preserving lives, midwives administer an extensive array of other critical medical provisions. Counseling and cervical and breast cancer screenings are additional services that they provide.

Midwives advocate for the rights of women.

Midwives assume a critical function in safeguarding the rights of women. They can aid in the prevention of female genital mutilation and assist victims of gender-based violence. Noting the significance of their efforts is essential.

A crucial healthcare reminder it is.

The purpose of International Midwives’ Day is to underscore the significance of health systems on a global scale. Additionally, it functions as a prompt for all relevant parties to remain vigilant and take action.

International Midwives Day: Dates

2024May 5Sunday
2025May 5Monday
2026May 5Tuesday
2027May 5Wednesday
2028May 5Friday

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