World Password Day 2024: Interesting History, Dates, and Facts

World Password Day 2024 emphasizes the importance of strong passwords to protect sensitive credentials against identity theft and cybercrimes. Intel established the day to highlight the simplicity of password generation and retention.

World Password Day 2024: You continue to use the name of your pet followed by a “&” as the password for your 401(k) account? Regrettably, that is insufficient to safeguard your life investments in 2019. A term you should be familiar with on World Password Day is: Utilize #LayerUp. This refers to the practice of safeguarding sensitive credentials against identity theft and other cybercrimes by incorporating strong authentication.

Intel established World Password Day on May 2 (the initial Thursday of May) to draw attention to the critical importance of strong passwords. In all honesty, it is quite straightforward. The majority of operating systems provide a straightforward method for users to generate and retain passwords. “Keychain Access” by Apple is one example. Additionally, you can generate passwords virtually impervious to hackers by going online.

History of World Password Day

Prior to granting access, secret organizations, such as the Masons and other fraternal organizations, frequently demanded passwords.

World Password Day brings attention to the significance of robust passwords and the rationale behind the recommendation that all users alter their passwords every few weeks. A single compromised password can compromise confidential information and digital identities.

It is especially important to use robust and secure passwords now that the majority of our work is performed online. It is preferable to use unique, intricate passwords that are difficult to deduce. Even if we do our utmost to convince ourselves that our credentials are impregnable, professional hackers can discover them in a matter of seconds. It is recommended to modify a robust password at least every few weeks, if not months. By implementing this strategy, even in the event of a data incident where your passwords are compromised, an additional, more robust password can prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.

Unfortunately, despite being aware of the potential dangers, few individuals make it a habit to change their passwords frequently. Observe World Password Day by promptly updating the passwords of critical accounts that store personal information, including emails and social media profiles.

In 2005, Mark Burnett, a security researcher, proposed that individuals observe “password days” on which they alter their passwords. This concept was expounded upon in his book “Perfect Passwords,” which served as the impetus for Intel to establish a global observance. In 2013, the initial observance of World Password Day occurred on the initial Thursday of May.

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FAQs for World Password Day

In 2022, on what date is World Password Day?

In 2022, World Password Day is celebrated on May 5.

The originator of World Password Day?

Intel established World Password Day to raise awareness regarding the criticality of utilizing more robust password systems.

Define a “weak password.”

A password is deemed feeble if it is simple to deduce or can be guessed using information such as street names, family names, pet names, or pet names.

Five of the Most Frequently Used Passwords, along with the Approximate Time Required to Crack them

  1. 123456 – Less than one second to open, according to a study that tallied 3.5 million uses.
  2. Password – Less than one second to open, according to a study that tallied 1.7 million uses.
  3. abc123 – Less than one second to open, according to a study that tallied 610,000 uses.
  4. Qwerty – 382 thousand uses in less than one second to decrypt, according to one study.
  5. 11111 – Less than one second to open, according to a study that tallied 369,000 uses.

Dates for World Password Day

2022May 5Thursday
2023May 4Thursday
2024May 2Thursday
2025May 1Thursday
2026May 7Thursday
2027May 6Thursday

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