National Theresa Day 2024: Importance and Activities

National Theresa Day 2024, observed annually on April 13, honors the feminine given name Theresa, which has experienced a decline in popularity since its peak in 1950.

National Theresa Day 2024: Annually, National Theresa Day is observed on April 13. The feminine given name Theresa has its antecedents in Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese. Theresa ranked number 65 on the list of the most prevalent female names in the United States in 1950. The year 1956 was favorable for the name, which peaked at number 32 before plummeting to number 226 in 1992 and 852 by 2008. In contrast, Terese achieved its highest ranking of 18 from 1961 to 1963; however, its position has since declined to 719.

National Theresa Day: History

The feminine given name Theresa has its antecedents in Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese. The name’s Greek origins include “from the island of Therassia” and “inhabitant of Thera.” Thera, Thira, Therassia, or Thirassia refer to the Greek archipelago presently recognized as Santorini. Alternative meanings include “hunter” or “huntress.” Nonetheless, it is generally acknowledged that the name’s ancient Greek meaning was “late summer.” “Teresa,” the Spanish variant of the given name, is derived from the name “Therasia.”

During the fourth century, one of the earliest recordings of the name can be traced back to the spouse of Saint Paulinus of Nola. In Spain and Portugal, the appellation was restricted from the Middle Ages until the 16th century. It ultimately reached other regions of the globe due to the notoriety of Saint Teresa of Avila, a Spanish nun. Austrian Queen Maria Teresa, who inherited the domains of her father, Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, was another renowned woman who shared the name.

‘Therese,’ the French variant of the given name, rose to prominence in the nineteenth century due to the life of Saint Therese of Lisieux, who authored “The Story of a Soul,” an eloquent account of her existence that established her as one of the most renowned saints of the modern era.

National Theresa Day 2024: FAQs

Which nation is Theresa most prevalent?
The most prevalent name in the United States is Theresa.

What are Theresa’s anagrams?
The given name ‘Theresa’ can be represented by the anagrams Teresa, Theresa, Teresha, and Treesha.

On what date was Mother Teresa canonized?
The Catholic Church proclaimed Mother Teresa a saint in Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City, on September 4, 2016.

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National Theresa Day 2024: Activities

Participate in a “treasure hunt.”
Engage in a “treasure hunt” by locating every notable woman who shares the name Theresa. We have selected a few for inclusion in the “Facts” section. One may partake in this game with family and acquaintances.

Applaud Theresa
Do you know anyone with the given name Theresa or a variant? Commemorate this joyous occasion by expressing your sincere appreciation for their unique qualities.

Employ a hashtag
Communicate the significance of National Theresa Day. While sharing this article on social media, be sure to include the hashtags #nationaltheresaday and #theresa.

Five well-known individuals named Theressa:

Sister Teresa
The Catholic Church canonized Saint Teresa of Calcutta, who was born Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in 1910.

Infanta Maria Teresa
Infanta Maria Teresa of Braganza, who was born in 1793, was progenitively heir to the succession of Portugal by being the first child of Carlota Joaquina of Spain and John VI of Portugal.

Perhaps Theresa May
May, who was born on October 1, 1956, was the United Kingdom’s prime minister between 2016 and 2019.

Aquino Teresa-Oreta
“Tessie” Aquino-Oreta, who was born on June 28, 1994, presided over the Senate Committee on Education, Arts, and Culture in the Philippines.

The Bellanova Teresa
From 2019 to 2021, Bellanova, who was born on August 17, 1958, held the position of Minister of Agriculture for Italy.

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National Theresa Day: Importance

Theresa is an exquisite moniker.
Both in pronunciation and orthography, the name Theresa exudes femininity and sophistication. It possesses an exceptional degree of elegance, and its allure cannot be denied.

Theresa is of mixed ancestry.
An additional distinctive feature of the name is that it has roots in multiple cultures. Portugal, Greece, and Spain have all asserted that the name is uncommon and distinctive.

Theresa has multiple interpretations.
Theresa has multiple connotations, unlike other names that are limited to a single interpretation. Regardless of one’s personal preference, Theresa is an aesthetically pleasing name for a young female.

National Theresa Day: Dates

2024April 13Saturday
2025April 13Sunday
2026April 13Monday
2027April 13Tuesday
2028April 13Thursday

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