D.E.A.R. Day 2024 (US): Discover its Fascinating History and Facts

D.E.A.R. Day 2024, honoring Beverly Cleary, an American author pioneering the D.E.A.R. concept, is an annual celebration on April 12, encouraging reading and appreciation among school students.

D.E.A.R. Day 2024 (US): D.E.A.R. Day, also known as Drop Everything and Read Day, is an annual celebration that takes place on April 12. This holiday promotes the practice of dedicating a significant portion of the day to reading, as the name suggests. The chosen date is a special way to honor the birthday of Beverly Cleary, a highly acclaimed American author who played a significant role in popularizing the D.E.A.R. concept. This celebration is still observed in the U.S. to this day and continues to be a cherished tradition among countless school students.

D.E.A.R. Day: History

While the present nationwide commemoration of D.E.A.R. Day is relatively recent, its roots date back further. In commemoration of this momentous occasion, numerous educational institutions, both domestically and internationally, incorporate a variety of activities into their curricula. The initial development of the concept appeared in one of Cleary’s novels. Through the publication of her book titled “Ramona Quimby, Age 8,” the author launched a nationwide movement with the same name. This movement encourages families to set aside all distractions for thirty minutes to read.

In the 1960s, an early iteration of the Drop Everything and Read event was implemented in the United States to encourage students to read. The majority of these activities were undertaken for academic purposes and did not adhere to specific dates. This partially motivated Cleary to incorporate a national celebration into several of her novels.

HarperCollins Children’s Books, in collaboration with the National Education Association and other academic institutions, instituted D.E.A.R. Day in 2006 to honor the 90th birthday of American author Anne Cleary. Initially, the purpose of the observance was to encourage passive, sustained reading as a school activity by hosting a reading celebration.

The D.E.A.R. Day activities have undergone significant changes since their inception. A significant portion of the significance and festivities associated with this observance can be attributed to Cleary’s writings. The wide range of activities planned for this day pay tribute to Ramona Quimby’s successful national campaign in an appropriate manner.

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D.E.A.R. Day: FAQs

What exactly does D.E.A.R. mean?

Its abbreviation stands for “Drop Everything and Read.” It refers to a yearly event designed to pique people’s interest in literature and reading.

Does the method Drop Everything and Read work?

The actual activity is a thirty-minute reading session. This is widely recognized as “sustained silent reading,” and it serves as a highly effective method to acquaint students with novel subjects.

Who established D.E.A.R.?

It is said that Cleary’s writings inspired this nationwide reading festival, which is also observed on her birthday.

D.E.A.R. Day: Activities

Plan a time to read.

It is the primary undertaking and preeminent course of action to commemorate this day. Despite the abundance of contemporary and classic bestsellers available, you should read at least one Cleary novel.

Engage in activities.

The majority of public libraries and schools will host a celebration or communal activity. Frequently exposed to the public and of general interest, these occasions can be both entertaining and enlightening.

Facilitate a reading club.

Although this is frequently a lengthy endeavor, it is optimal to commence it on D.E.A.R. Day. This will afford you the chance to read and discuss books continuously with other members of the group. Additionally, one may elect to join a book club.

Five Astounding Facts regarding Books and Reading

  1. Reading enables us to concentrate on a particular, uncomplicated endeavor, which can reduce stress considerably.
  2. Numerous studies have linked frequent reading to an extended lifespan.
  3. Marcel Proust wrote “In Search of Lost Time,” the longest book ever written, with over 3,000 pages.
  4. There are numerous distinct methods of reading, including silent, sustained reading, and rapid, extensive reading.
  5. Although literature can occasionally serve as a source of entertainment, it has become the primary means by which modern humans acquire knowledge.

D.E.A.R. Day: Dates

2024April 12Friday
2025April 12Saturday
2026April 12Sunday
2027April 12Monday
2028April 12Wednesday

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