Earth Day 2024: Discover its History, Facts and FAQs

Earth Day, celebrated by billions worldwide, raises environmental awareness and encourages daily eco-friendly practices like composting, recycling, and carpooling to save tortoises.

Earth Day 2024: Billions of people worldwide have marked Earth Day on April 22 for 50 years to raise awareness of our environment. Why should this holiday continue? It may be an additional celebration or an opportunity to wear a flower crown and green apparel on St. Patrick’s Day.

Famous scientists, politicians, and youth climate change activists are exploring and facing pressing environmental concerns, therefore, some people are adopting more eco-friendly practices daily, not just on April 22nd. To save the tortoises, implement composting, recycling, repurposing, carpooling, thrifting, and metal straws.

Earth Day 2024 Theme: ‘Planet Vs Plastic’

This year’s Earth Day theme, “Planet vs. Plastics,” highlights plastic pollution’s environmental damage. But Earth Day is about more than one issue. Understand how nature is interconnected.

Earth Day: History

In 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson saw the effects of a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, and created Earth Day. Thousands of schools and institutions in the United States of America organized demonstrations in 1970 in support of a sustainable and healthy earth, and he encouraged all citizens to participate. This includes pollution of the air from factories and highways, devastation of habitats, and the extinction of species. It was the first Earth Day that helped bring about the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts, as well as the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Similar problems exist now, but they are arguably more chaotic than the oil spill. Natural disasters, harsh weather, and rising global temperatures may seem impossible for one person, let alone billions or millions. Animals on land and in the ocean have junk in their bellies or around their bodies, coral reefs are dying, and multinational corporations and industrial facilities pollute our air and living places. Even a small effort, like picking up sidewalk litter that would have gotten into the ocean or around an animal’s neck, is important and a positive step in the right direction.

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Earth Day: FAQs

What theme will Earth Day 2020 entail?

Earth Day Network reports that the theme for this year is “Climate Change,” which signifies a fresh challenge each year.

How ought I to commemorate Earth Day?

Earth Day Networks’ global interactive map can help you find a climate strike rally or group cleanup. Earth Day offers several ways to help the environment and get active in your community.

Is it appropriate to wear green on Earth Day?

While wearing holiday-themed apparel is encouraged to raise awareness, one should prioritize their actions on this day rather than their attire.

Earth Day: Activities

Mitigate your carbon emissions

Generate innovative approaches to rearranging an aspect of your daily routine or your commute. Carpool with companions to reach your destination, ride public transportation, walk, skate, scooter, or bicycle there instead. Depending on the weather, this novel mode of transportation might be even more enjoyable than sitting in traffic.

Recycle and reuse your clothing.

Your closet and shopping habits may seem small, but they can harm the environment. Buying thrift or lightly worn clothing online saves resources that would otherwise be utilized to make more clothes that will be discarded, reused, or repurposed. Online shopping saves 30% of item sales resources, according to research. Launch the Amazon Prime application.

Make a change to your diet

It is widely accepted that the cattle business is responsible for at least 25% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions from food production. If the world went vegetarian and stopped eating red meat by 2050, food-related emissions would drop by 60%, according to the BBC. Substantially reducing global emissions to veganism would reduce output by about 70%. Consider testing out the recently introduced ‘Beyond Meat’ patties.

Five Important Facts about Climate Change

All-time highs in carbon dioxide

Natural processes and human-caused industrialization may have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to an all-time high since the 1700s, according to the National Geographic Society.

Less food waste reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Lack of awareness among many may be a hindrance to the fact that increased food waste and inactivity result in greater greenhouse gas emissions required for waste transport and biodegradation.

Changes in climate influence temperatures and weather.

Over the past 50 years, precipitation has increased by 5% and temperature by 2 degrees, according to the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Over the previous 50 years, extreme weather has become more common, breaking over 120,000 US records in 2019.

It is a subject of political debate.

At least 97% of climate scientists (as reported by the Earth Day Network) and nearly 200 scientific organizations worldwide agree that climate change is likely caused by humans, but this remains a contentious issue in 2020.

The leading carbon dioxide emitter

China, with 1.4 billion people, emits 30% of global carbon dioxide, according to Earth Day Network. Despite having 328 million people, the US ranks second in carbon emissions, behind China by 15%.

Earth Day: Importance

All are welcome to participate.

The enduring observance of Earth Day, which we adore, is predicated on individuals cooperating harmoniously to secure an improved future for all. Establishing global connections is crucial for maintaining an appreciation and respect for individuals from diverse nations and other points of view. All individuals are included and not excluded; even the smallest actions can have a significant effect on our planet.

Minor actions matter.

One need not cultivate a forest to appreciate Earth Day. Although it may seem insignificant, reusing a metal water bottle instead of buying a plastic bottle or a Styrofoam coffee cup might improve our world. Realizing that climate change impacts everyone, do all you can to make a difference wherever you go. Even tiny contributions will make a difference, and this is your chance to improve the planet.

There is only one Earth.

Earth Day is a reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem and the significant influence our actions can have, for better or worse. This festival reminds us of the urgent need to protect our homes and the damage done to our world. Street protests aren’t essential, but we should all keep in mind that global incineration and flooding aren’t ideal.

Earth Day: Dates

2024April 22Monday
2025April 22Tuesday
2026April 22Wednesday
2027April 22Thursday
2028April 22Saturday

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