Hepatitis Testing Day 2024 (US): Facts, and Tests for Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis Testing Day, observed annually on May 19, promotes awareness and encourages individuals to undergo testing for viral hepatitis, a prevalent liver inflammation causing liver cancer.

Hepatitis Testing Day 2024: Hepatitis Testing Day is observed annually on May 19 to promote awareness and encourage individuals to undergo testing for viral hepatitis, a liver inflammation that can give rise to a range of adverse health consequences, including the development of liver cancer. Strains A, B, C, D, and E of the hepatitis virus are the most prevalent in the population.

When combined, hepatitis B and C constitute the primary cause of death on a global scale, contributing to approximately 1.3 million fatalities annually. We must all do our part to improve preventive measures, testing, and awareness to preserve lives. Volunteer to undergo testing.

Hepatitis Testing Day: History

People from all backgrounds must use Hepatitis Testing Day to educate their communities and constituents about viral hepatitis and encourage testing. Hepatitis Testing Day became a national holiday in 2013 to raise awareness of the US viral hepatitis pandemic.

Hepatitis B affects 862,000 people and C 2.4 million. A large percentage of chronic hepatitis B or C patients are asymptomatic until later stages. Many Americans with viral hepatitis are unaware of their infection, putting them at risk of serious, potentially deadly consequences and promoting the virus’s spread. In the US, untreated chronic viral hepatitis is the main cause of liver cancer and the most prevalent reason for liver transplantation. Hepatitis B treatment is available and can prevent liver damage and cancer. Among infectious diseases, hepatitis C kills the most Americans.

Safe and effective oral medications can cure 95% of hepatitis C patients in eight to twelve weeks, preventing liver damage and cancer. Test those at risk for hepatitis B and C and treat persistently infected people to prevent related illness and death.

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Hepatitis Testing Day: FAQs

What are the consequences of untreated hepatitis?

Prolonged untreated hepatitis B and C infection can lead to the development of liver cirrhosis and cancer, and in severe cases, mortality may result. Hepatitis D is an extremely dangerous liver condition that can only affect individuals who have previously contracted hepatitis B.

When can one expect to receive the results of a hepatitis B test?

Test results can be obtained within a period of a few days to multiple weeks. Certain medical facilities provide anti-HCV tests that yield results within twenty to thirty minutes.

Particular strains of hepatitis lack a cure?

Prevention of hepatitis B is incurable. The hepatitis B virus, also known as H.B.V., is what causes hepatitis B, a hepatic viral infection. Avoidance is straightforward, even though it is life-threatening and presently untreatable.

Hepatitis Testing Day: Activities

Recognize your risk exposure

Find a local hepatitis B or C testing or vaccine provider utilizing simple online resources if you are at risk. Use these resources to inform friends and family about the disease. Get the basics on hepatitis B, including its definition, who gets it, and symptoms.

Leverage the provision of accessible resources

Participating in community service may be advantageous for you. One has the option to join “Hep B Community,” an international online community dedicated to offering assistance to individuals affected by hepatitis B infection, in addition to other support organizations.

Contribute to social media

Remember to share online your thoughts regarding Hepatitis Testing Day. This also serves to increase the general public’s awareness regarding hepatitis testing.

Five Interesting Facts about Hepatitis

A. Hepatitis

Hepatitis A is predominantly transmitted through the ingestion of food or water tainted with the bowel movements of an infected individual.

Histoplasma B and C

Sexual contact, needle and syringe sharing, and delivery can spread hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis A-related infections

An estimated 25,000 individuals contract hepatitis A annually within the borders of the United States.

B and C hepatitis infections

Hepatitis C and B infections are estimated to affect over 3.5 million and 850,000 individuals, respectively, in the United States.

Hepatitis B examination

The hepatitis B blood test requires one blood sample; however, your doctor may recommend the ‘Hepatitis B Panel,’ which includes three tests.

Hepatitis Testing Day: Importance

It promotes the practice of evaluating.

The day promotes hepatitis testing among the public. Hepatitis comprises various subtypes, including A, B, C, and D, each characterized by a unique mode of transmission; therefore, testing is essential. Uncertain of your infection status? Obtain testing without delay.

It enhances consciousness.

Our objective is to enhance public awareness regarding viral hepatitis and motivate individuals to undergo self-diagnosis to determine their susceptibility. An estimated fifty percent or more of individuals infected with viral hepatitis in the United States are oblivious of their infection.

Prevents the spread of infection to others

Hepatitis B can be transmitted through blood and physiological fluids; nevertheless, a secure and efficacious vaccine exists to protect individuals close to one’s heart from acquiring the illness. It educates individuals on preventative measures to protect their loved ones from the transmission of the virus to other household members, sexual companions, and other members of the family and household.

Hepatitis Testing Day: Dates

2024May 19Sunday
2025May 19Monday
2026May 19Tuesday
2027May 19Wednesday
2028May 19Friday

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