International Burger Day 2024: Dates, History, Activities, FAQs, and Facts about Burgers

International Burger Day 2024 commemorates the popularity of burgers, highlighting their flavor, affordability, and expediency, particularly ground beef, which was once considered inferior to prime portions.

International Burger Day 2024: Every year on May 28, International Burger Day is commemorated. Burgers are among the most popular foods worldwide, and there is a compelling explanation for this. They are flavorful, economical, and expeditious. Ground beef, which was previously regarded as inferior to prime portions, was a low-cost by-product.

However, it is now a popular ingredient in hamburgers. Burgers have gained international recognition due to their diverse garnishes, condiments, and variations. International Hamburger Day is a commemoration of the fact that burgers will be served in a bun, regardless of whether they are pan-fried, flame-broiled, or barbecued.

International Burger Day: History

The hamburger’s origins are obscure, despite its status as an emblem of American fast cuisine. The humble hamburger has had a rather fascinating existence throughout history, from the military barracks of Genghis Khan to German steamships docking in New York Harbor.

The origins of the hamburger are unknown, except for its name, which derives from the German city of Hamburg. A recipe for a meal called “Hamburg Sausage” was published in 1758, and it seems to have originated the connection to Hamburg.

Certain historians believe that the Hamburg America Line, a cruise line in the mid-1800s, served identical sandwiches to its passengers, which is how the sandwich got its name. Certain sources state that Danish immigrant Louis Lassen developed the hamburger in New Haven in 1900, employing European principles.

It was developed during the World Fair, providing an alternative explanation. The “New York Tribune” reported that Louis Lassen’s story gained popularity in the United States in 1900, alluding to the hamburger as “the innovation of a food vendor on the pike” at the St. Louis Food Festival in 1904. A businessman allegedly needed a quick supper due to his hunger. Many people believe that Louis invented the burger by sandwiching grilled sirloin between two slices of bread.

Many people largely disregard Otto Krause, another individual credited with creating the hamburger, because his name has three distinct variants, a common practice among German names. Debaters continue to discuss the identity of the dish’s original creator. However, we can certainly say that the day is worth commemorating, despite its contradictory origins. Don’t let any individual’s opinion sway you.

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International Burger Day 2024: Activities

Consume a hamburger or hamburgers.

You can eat as many hamburgers as you want to celebrate. Today, you can dine out, try new burger recipes, or throw a burger party with friends. Vegans and vegetarians have meatless and vegetable options.

Visit famous hamburger places.

Visit other states’ top burger places to try different burgers. You can also rate your city or state’s greatest burgers. If you want gourmet, chicken, or veggie burgers, have them.

Generating novel recipes

Feeling adventurous? Rather than attempting the recipes of chefs, restaurants, or celebrities, you can develop your own recipes using your preferred ingredients or garnishes. This is an enjoyable endeavor that you may undertake with your peers or neighbors.

FAQs regarding International Burger Day 2024

What was the reason for the change in the appellation of hamburgers during World War I?

Hamburgers are referred to as the Liberty Sandwich. This moniker was coined by American soldiers in order to avoid association with any German identities during World War I.

Which burger joint has been in operation for the longest period of time?

Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson established White Castle in 1921, which is the oldest burger chain in the world.

Who shattered the world record for the number of hamburgers consumed in a minute?

In 2016, Ricardo Francisco, also known as Rix Terabite, set a world record for the number of burgers consumed in a minute at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Metro Manila, the Philippines (five).

Five Amazing Facts about Burgers

The greatest hamburger

The 3,591-pound hamburger that was developed in 1982 was capable of sustaining over 10,000 individuals.

Holder of the record

McDonald’s is the company that has sold the most hamburgers in history, with an average of 75 patties being sold per second.


This burger, which was introduced in 2014, is one of the most expensive burgers ever produced. It is sold at The Honky Tonk restaurant in London for $1,768 and is adorned with gold leaf, lobster, and caviar. Additionally, it includes black truffle, Kobe beef, venison, and a duck egg.

The most expensive hamburger in the United States

The Fleur de Lys in Las Vegas offers one of the most expensive burgers in the United States, which is priced at $5,000 and is made with Kobe beef and foie gras.

Favorite garnishes

Bacon, jalapeños, cheese, lettuce, and onions are frequently garnished with hamburgers.

International Burger Day: Dates

2024May 28Tuesday
2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday

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