International Day for Biological Diversity 2024: Know about its Activities and Significance

Celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22 to show environmental concern and promote scholarship opportunities for studying our planet's biological diversity and ecosystem.

International Day for Biological Diversity 2024: Why not celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22 to show your environmental concern? Today is Earth Day, which strives to keep the earth habitable for all species, regardless of their environment, so they can thrive. The first Biological Diversity Day was December 29. The UN General Assembly changed the date to May 22 in December 2000.

The Convention was adopted at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit; therefore, this was done to commemorate the occasion and avoid conflicts with late December international holidays like Christmas. Attend our biological diversity celebration on May 22nd, regardless of your location—desert, forest, valley, or marsh. Use this day to help students find scholarship opportunities to study our planet’s biological diversity and ecosystem.

International Day for Biological Diversity: Activities

Establish an organic garden

The change can occur directly in your backyard! Nevertheless, not all varieties of gardens thrive in all environments. Substituting native plants for invasive ones, removing hard surfaces that inhibit growth, and staying away from the use of pesticides are fundamental principles that govern an effective organic garden. Demonstrate your indigenous ecosystem.

Purchase sustainable, organic food

Organic food does not simply refer to “expensive and peculiar-looking tomatoes,” contrary to popular belief. Organic food is devoid of any pesticide or fertilizer exposure. Additionally, while these substances may not intrinsically pose a threat to human health, they can significantly degrade the environment.

Preserve power

This is practically a given. By consuming less energy, you can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that your activities emit into the atmosphere. Furthermore, you diminish the need for corporations to cause environmental disruption in their pursuit of fossil fuels. Although individual humans may not have the same ecological stewardship as large corporations, preserving life on this planet remains a shared responsibility.

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International Day for Biological Diversity 2024: Significance

It increases the productivity of ecosystems.

Every individual is privileged to inhabit a more diverse and improved world when a multitude of species coexist in numerous ecosystem types. Biological diversity enables the cultivation of a wide variety of commodities, which provide sustenance for the global population while also facilitating the maintenance of natural sustainability. Furthermore, the cultivation of a diverse array of ecosystems facilitates the overall recovery of the planet following natural catastrophes.

It sustains human life.

The greater plant and animal life diversity on Earth, the more sustainable human survival is. Humanity flourishes across the entire planet when biological diversity is promoted, as opposed to restricting ourselves to a few specific types of crops and livestock (which would restrict the number of habitable places on Earth).

Our species is predominant on this planet.

Although human survival is critical, we must also recognize that human beings have the most significant impact on the planet of all living things. We can either foster positive change by promoting diversity and expansion, or we can transform the planet into a lifeless environment, just like every other planet in our solar system. Given our preeminent ability to effect global change, it is incumbent upon us to exercise that authority shrugally.

International Day for Biological Diversity: Dates

2024May 22Wednesday
2025May 22Thursday
2026May 22Friday
2027May 22Saturday
2028May 22Monday

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