St. Lucia Independence Day 2024 (Saint Lucia): Learn about its History and Facts

St. Lucia Independence Day 2024 commemorates 1979 liberation from the UK, marking the island nation's independence from colonization by the French and British.

St. Lucia Independence Day 2024 (Saint Lucia): Saint Lucia Independence Day, observed annually on February 22, commemorates the day in 1979 when the island nation of Saint Lucia was entirely liberated from the United Kingdom. The French and British colonized Saint Lucia in the seventeenth century after the Arawaks and Caribs had previously lived there.

Saint Lucia, known as Iyanola by the Arawaks and later Hewanorra by the Caribs, earned the nickname Helen of the West Indies due to its frequent changes in governance between the French and the British. The French formally transferred the territory to the British in 1814.

St. Lucia Independence Day: History

Every year on February 22, Saint Lucia celebrates Independence Day, which marks the island’s achievement of full independence from the United Kingdom. On this day, various events and activities take place, including ceremonies, annual military parades, street parades, tennis tournaments, church services, culture exhibitions, and concerts. February 21 is the day before Independence Day when we observe National Colors Day. Today, individuals are strongly advised to wear clothing that displays the national colors of the country.

Situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea within the Western Indies, Saint Lucia is an island nation. Arawaks were the first confirmed inhabitants of the area, arriving between 200 and 400 A.D. In 800 A.D., the Caribs subsequently landed and usurped power from the Arawaks. The Arawaks named the island ‘Iyanola’ due to its abundant iguana population, earning it the title of ‘Land of the Iguanas’.. Initially known as Hewanarau, the Caribs later renamed the island Hewanorra. Furthermore, it earned the nickname Helen of the West Indies due to the ongoing disputes between the British and French.

Saint Lucia, initially established by the French and Caribs in 1660, was seized by the British in 1663. The island experienced fourteen wars, becoming a British Windward Islands colony in 1814. In 1967, it transitioned to self-governing, joining the West Indies Federation in 1958.

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St. Lucia Independence Day 2024: FAQs

What is the native tongue of Saint Lucia?

While the official language of Saint Lucia is English, the majority of the population communicates in Patwa, a Creole French dialect.

When exactly was it found?

Recent evidence indicates that Juan de la Cosa, a former navigator of Christopher Columbus, may have been the first European to arrive on the island in 1499.

When did Saint Lucia abolish slavery?

The British ended the African slave trade in 1807, except for Saint Lucia, where slavery was abolished in 1834.

St. Lucia Independence Day 2024: Activities

Appear in national attire

Saint Lucia’s national colors should be worn the day before Independence Day. Given that it is available in four hues, you have various color choices for the day.

Attend the festivities.

Activities will be organized in observance of Saint Lucia Independence Day. You have the day off, so you and your fellow Saint Lucians may wish to take to the streets and participate in the festivities.

Conduct an event

Collaborate with members of your community to organize an occasion that honors the independence of Saint Lucia. It may consist of a neighborhood gathering where members of the community don the national colors.

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Five Fascinating Facts about Saint Lucia:

  • Saint Lucia is named after the Christian martyr Lucia of Syracuse, making it the only nation named after a woman.
  • Jacquot, also known as the Saint Lucia parrot, is the national bird of Saint Lucia and is endemic to the island.
  • Saint Lucia is home to the sole drive-in volcano on the planet, situated in Sulphur Springs.
  • Saint Lucia is the location of the Pitons—Grand and Petit Piton—a World Heritage Site.
  • Piton, a homebrew Pilsner produced in Saint Lucia, is a local staple.


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