National Student Volunteer Day 2024 (US): Everything You Need to Know

National Student Volunteer Day 2024 in the US celebrates student participation in community service and volunteerism, promoting innovation and discourse. Established by Benjamin Franklin, volunteers dedicate time and resources to improve communities, often without monetary compensation. Some organizations provide stipends to support operational and living costs.

National Student Volunteer Day 2024 (US):  National Student Volunteer Day is observed annually on February 20 to promote volunteering innovation and discourse and to encourage student participation in community service and volunteerism. Benjamin Franklin established the first organized volunteer organization in the United States in the Philadelphia, firehouse.

Engaging in volunteer work entails dedicating one’s time and resources to better the community, without anticipation of monetary compensation in return. Online platforms, athletic competitions, hospitals, non-profit organizations, corporations, and disaster zones are all viable locations for volunteer work. Infrequently are volunteers remunerated for their contributions. However, certain organizations, including the United Nations, provide stipends to their volunteers to assist with operational and living costs.

National Student Volunteer Day: History

Throughout history, individuals have contributed their resources in various capacities to benefit their community, and more recently, their nation and the global community. The military was the first to employ the term “volunteer.” Originally, it denoted an individual who volunteered for military service during the 16th century. Volunteering outside of the military originated in Britain during the 12th century when it was closely associated with religion.

A total of more than 500 institutions were predominantly operated by volunteers in Britain during the 12th and 13th centuries. The United States did not witness a significant surge in volunteerism until the Great Awakening of the nineteenth century. The majority of individuals had previously volunteered for military campaigns, such as the Revolutionary War. The Philadelphia voluntary firehouse, established by Benjamin Franklin in 1736, constituted an exception.

The inaugural session of the Young Men’s Christian Association took place in the United States in 1851. A large number of individuals, predominantly women, volunteered their time to aid frontline combatants during the American Civil War. Clara Barton, an eminent volunteer during the American Civil War, established the American Red Cross in 1881. The expansion of volunteering and volunteer organizations, many of which continue to this day, accelerated during the 20th century. Lions International and the Rotary Club are two well-known organizations.

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National Student Volunteer Day 2024: FAQs

Why is it essential for students to volunteer?

Engaging in volunteer work affords students the chance to cultivate both soft and hard skills, establish personal and professional networks, and acquire invaluable life experiences. It also provides them with an opportunity to increase their employability and acquire relevant work experience.

How does a student demonstrate volunteerism?

One can demonstrate their commitment to volunteerism as a student by engaging in campus volunteer initiatives that support a cause near and dear to their hearts. This may involve student welfare, animal rights, climate activism, or the reduction of inequalities.

In what ways can I improve as a volunteer?

You must be proactive, committed to the cause you are volunteering for, willing to invest time and resources, and receptive to forming relationships with other student volunteers to be an effective volunteer.

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National Student Volunteer Day 2024: Activities

Donate your time to an animal shelter

Animal sanctuaries serve as temporary housing facilities for stray or unwanted animals pending adoption. Because most animal shelters operate with insufficient personnel, certain animals may not receive the necessary attention. On National Student Volunteer Day, consider dedicating your time to volunteer at one of the following shelters: you could be helping to improve the chances of adoption for these lonely animals by providing them with companionship. Consult your local animal shelter or conduct an Internet search for shelters seeking volunteers to volunteer. Volunteer alongside a group of peers for the most enjoyable experience.

Enroll as a volunteer tutor.

Do you adore children? Or do you take pleasure in imparting your expertise to others? Tutoring as a volunteer can enable you to impart your expertise to children or underprivileged individuals. Volunteer tutoring opportunities are available at community centers and on numerous online tutoring platforms.

Participate in initiatives that empower women

If you are deeply committed to the cause of gender equality, you can organize or participate in women’s empowerment initiatives taking place on your campus. Potential empowerment initiatives may include activities that foster the development of skills, educate young women about health, hygiene, and reproductive health, promote personality growth, or organize a general enjoyable activity exclusively for women. You may initiate a group activity if none is already occurring at your school. This may be accomplished in collaboration with a group of companions, your school, or other pertinent organizations.

National Student Volunteer Day: Facts

They make up approximately 14 percent of the global population.

Statistics indicate that among the approximately seven billion inhabitants of the globe, one billion are volunteers.

Volunteer labor is typically informal.

Volunteers perform approximately 70% of their efforts informally, within their respective communities.

Predominantly female volunteers

Women perform up to 57% of all volunteer work performed on a global scale.

Greater proportions of older adults volunteer.

Volunteerism is more prevalent among individuals aged 35 to 44 than among those aged 20 to 24.

The American populace adores volunteering.

In 2016, Americans volunteered an average of $193 billion of their time in their communities.


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