International Pizza Cake Day 2024: Pizza, a Pie, or a Cake?

International Pizza Cake Day 2024, observed on April 18, celebrates pizza cakes as both pizza-like and cake-like confections. Choose from scratch or order pizza cartons for a festive experience.

International Pizza Cake Day 2024: International Pizza Cake Day is observed annually on April 18 this year, which is the third Thursday of April. Certain individuals may question whether a pizza cake is truly a cake with the appearance of a pizza. Is it a pizza transformed into the form of a cake? It could be both.

However, the subject of our discussion today is the latter. Will you be preparing a pizza cake from scratch to commemorate the occasion, or will you opt to order pizza cartons and assemble them into a cake tower? You may adorn your stomach with any pizza confection you desire to commemorate the occasion.

International Pizza Cake Day: History

International Pizza Cake Day is observed annually on the third Thursday of March as an opportunity to enjoy pizza cakes. Francois Gundermeaux, according to some, invented the pizza pastry many years ago. It appeared, however, to be a confection masquerading as a pizza and not a pizza itself. In this period, the Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza created the aforementioned pizza confection. Boston Pizza featured the pizza confection in its Pizza Game Changers promotion, which featured an assortment of “outlandish” pizza-related items.

The pizza cake recipe garnered the most votes for the promotion on April 21, 2014, amounting to 15,000. Boston Pizza promoted it as being “ideal for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and even solitary evenings spent watching infomercials.” A Reddit user who tried the pizza cake recipe that they published on “So Good Blog” later in April described it as “heavenly.” Shawn Syphus’ pizza cake recipe, which Pillsbury Company released in September, saw a spike in popularity, which occasionally led to false claims about the recipe’s author.

Boston Pizza’s six-layered pizza cake contains 5,000 calories, according to the Daily Mirror. The recipe was subject to a multitude of evaluations. According to some, it is more difficult than it initially appears, the crust lacks crispness, and it is less healthy than a conventional pizza. Others, however, stated that it merited a recommendation. A review is, after all, merely a review, correct? You will never know unless you attempt to prepare one of the countless recipes available online. Therefore, do you intend to bake the pizza cake from the ground up?

International Pizza Cake Day: FAQs

Pizza, a pie, or a cake?
Except for the absence of a covering on top, pizza resembles the structure of a pie. It is defined as “an open-faced, flat, baked pie of Italian origin.”

The inventor of pizza?
It is said that Raffaele Esposito, a Naples-born baker, invented pizza.

What gives the name pizza?
It could be derived from the Langobardic word “bizzo,” which means “bite,” or the Greek word “pitta,” which means “pie.”

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International Pizza Cake Day 2024: Activities

Construct pizza confection

For a day filled with enjoyment, we suggest that you bake a pizza cake from scratch. However, if you prefer simplicity, you can request between two and four boxes of pizzas. You determine which size—small, medium, or large—is most suitable for your needs. Specify that you do not want them to divide them. Following that, arrange them in a stacked fashion to create the pizza cake.

Inform your acquaintances

Can you consume the entire pizza cake by yourself? Certainly, that is remarkable! You might wish to inform your friends and extend an invitation to commemorate the day with you if you are unable to attend. And by the end, when your guests arrive, you will likely need an additional pizza cake.

Visit the Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza operates franchises in Mexico, Canada, and the United States, among other countries. It is advisable to visit one of them whenever possible, as the pizza pastry originated at Boston Pizza.

Five Boston Pizza Facts You Should Know:

Over 380 locations are present in Canada

Boston Pizza has numerous locations in the United States and Mexico, in addition to over 380 locations in Canada.

There are more than a hundred menu items

The guest selection on the menu at Boston Pizza exceeds one hundred products.

A foundation was established by it

The primary objective of the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects is to provide aid to underprivileged families and children across Canada.

Among the best-managed businesses

Boston Pizza has earned recognition as one of Canada’s 50 best-managed corporations and has become a member of the Platinum Club.

Each year, millions of visitors are catered to

Boston Pizza receives over forty million visitors annually.

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International Pizza Cake Day: Importance

Now is the moment to attempt it

Probably some of us have never heard of pizza cake or have never attempted it. That could potentially alter today.

It has joy.

You can assemble pizza cakes by arranging pizzas in the desired shape or by assembling the individual components. Both are enjoyable, particularly when we have friends over.

It is open to experimentation.

Additionally, pizza cake made from scratch allows for experimentation. So many garnishes are possible to incorporate. They may consist of meat, shallots, mushrooms, pineapple, or anything else that comes to mind.

International Pizza Cake Day: Dates

2024April 18Thursday
2025April 17Thursday
2026April 16Thursday

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