National Cafe au Lait Day 2024 (US): History and Five Remarkable Coffee Facts

National Cafe au Lait Day, celebrated annually on February 17, celebrates the sweet and piquant blend of freshly poured coffee and hot milk, with cultural variants.

National Cafe au Lait Day 2024 (US): National Cafe au Lait Day is observed annually on February 17, when coffee aficionados appreciate the delectable blend of freshly poured coffee and piping hot milk.

The French confection, which translates to “coffee with milk,” has cultural variants including “café com leite” in Portuguese, “café con leche” in Spanish, and “caffè latte” in Italian. The combination of coffee and milk creates a sweet and piquant beverage, despite the distinct appearances of these beverages.

The background of National Café Au Lait Day:

The coffee plant’s spores are thought to have originated in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia approximately one thousand years ago.
After attaining prominence in Yemen, the beverage subsequently disseminated throughout the Middle East and, by the 17th century, had reached Europe, where it had ultimately become a worldwide sensation. Drying, roasting, and grinding are essential steps in the preparation process of coffee seeds.

Recent scientific research indicates that dairy consumption in Kenya and Sudan dates back at least 6,000 years, disproving the general belief that milk was first discovered in Europe around 8000 B.C.

“Café au lait,” originating in 16th-century France, refers to the indigenous practice of blending coffee and milk.

FAQs regarding National Cafe au Lait Day:

What does the National Day of Café au Lait entail?

Today is an ideal occasion to partake in a delightful coffee and milk-based beverage.

What differentiates a “café latte” from a “café au lait”?

“Café au lait” consists of brewed coffee and steamed milk, whereas “Café latte” is prepared with espresso and steamed milk.

What is the National Cafe au Lait Day celebration?

Celebrate this day by enjoying a delicious café au lait, whether prepared at home or at a coffee shop.

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Activities for National Cafe au Lait Day 2024

  • Create a “Café au Lait” at home by brewing coffee and steamed milk in a proportion of your choice, served hot in a small bowl to evoke a Parisian ambiance.
  • Get a café au lait immediately by going outdoors, enjoying an opulent beverage, and fully enjoying the moment.
  • Employ hashtags on social media platforms: To establish connections with others, share café au lait moments on social media using relevant hashtags such as #CaféauLait and #CaféauLaitDay.

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Five remarkable coffee facts that will astound you:

1. Black Ivory Coffee is the world’s most expensive coffee, with an average price of over $1,000 per pound.

2. Finland has the highest annual per capita coffee consumption globally, with an average of 26.45 pounds per individual per year.

3. Nescafé made its debut in 1879 as the first branded coffee available for purchase in a retail establishment.

4. Polish spy Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki, who ran a café in Vienna in the 17th century, created the coffee-milk concoction.

5. Coffee’s etymology is as follows: 5. The origin of the English term “coffee” is the Arabic word “qahwah,” which was transmitted via the Ottoman Turkish word “kahve” and the Dutch word “koffie.”

Why National Café au Lait Day Holds a Special Place in Our Hearts:

  • The day offers an excellent chance to explore and comprehend diverse cultures by savoring café au lait.
  • Those in search of a beverage that is both flavorful and delectable should consider Café au Lait Day.
  • Café au Lait offers a nutritious and delicious option by combining the health benefits of milk and coffee.


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