National Freedom Day 2024 (US): Learn How to Commemorate and Understand its Significance

The holiday specifically honors the year 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln ratified the 13th Amendment.

National Freedom Day 2024 (US): Freedom Rings, particularly on February 1st. Feeling confused? National Freedom Day has come! This day was established to honor the liberties that U.S. citizens enjoy and which should never be taken for granted. The holiday specifically honors the year 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln ratified the 13th Amendment.

This amendment is crucial because it abolished slavery in the United States permanently. As one of the founding principles of the United States of America, freedom was intended to be commemorated on this day so that all citizens could pause to recognize their good fortune. Each of us should be grateful for the numerous liberties that are bestowed upon us as citizens of this magnificent nation.

How To Celebrate National Day of Freedom

Commemorate the liberties that you hold dearest on social media.

Which liberties are you most grateful for? The capacity to form friendships with individuals of various orientations and backgrounds? The authority to select the individual one wishes to wed? As you discuss this with your peers, observe the type of freedom wave that you generate. One may also consider instigating a deliberate social movement among acquaintances through the use of a particular hashtag or the posing of a thought-provoking inquiry.

Exploration of a Civil War biography or history

To comprehend the lives and circumstances that led to the Civil War and, ultimately, the emancipation of slaves, read a new book, view a documentary or movie, or both. This will assist you in comprehending National Freedom Day’s origins. It will also inspire gratitude for the liberties that you currently enjoy and provide you with some perspective.

Establish a discussion forum.

Organize an informal assembly to ascertain the perspectives of those in attendance regarding the meaning of freedom. The variety of definitions for freedom that are available might surprise you. You’ll gain a broader perspective by soliciting the liberties for which each individual is appreciative. Furthermore, one will develop an appreciation for certain liberties that were previously foreign to them.

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Why National Freedom Day Is Considerable

It firmly grounds us in what we truly value.

Major Richard Robert Wright, Sr., was the one who first proposed designating this day as a national holiday. He lobbied Congress to designate a day to commemorate the freedom of all Americans; he was a former slave. 1948 saw the ratification of the declaration into law by President Harry S. Truman. In a world where war, unrest, and worse have occurred in so many regions, the fact that the United States has a long history of recognizing ‘freedom’ is a blessing and a distinct opportunity.

The first day of Black History Month has arrived.

Commencing a month of commemorating the history and contributions African Americans have made to our nation, culture, and the world by celebrating our freedom is ideal. Black History Month commences on a positive and appreciative note, and for the entire month, we can commemorate some truly remarkable accomplishments. That brings joy to us; what about you?

A day of appreciation has come.

National Freedom Day was created to advance justice, equality, and benevolence. Practicing gratitude for the innumerable liberties that we are fortunate to possess daily will undoubtedly infuse positive energy into your day. Consider the little in your appreciation. Your freedom of expression is intact. You are free to adhere to any religion of your choosing. It is an excellent occasion to reflect on and be grateful for the liberties that we routinely disregard on an otherwise ordinary day.


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