National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day 2024 (US): History, FAQs and Facts about Hairstylist

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day, created by Booksy, raises awareness of hairstylists' heavy workload and the need to address their concerns openly.

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day 2024: Stylists listen to their clients and offer more than a haircut or color. On May 27, National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day aims to acknowledge and offer a secure environment for hairstylists to openly address their concerns, just like the safe spaces they create for their clients. Booksy, an app that helps thousands of beauty and wellness service providers grow, created the holiday. Its goal is to raise awareness of hairstylists’ heavy workload and the need to discuss their issues.

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day: Background

Customers often tell hairstylists their problems. Hairstylists are “without question, frequently, and seriously cast in the role of interpersonal helpers,” says a quoted study. They learn about nearly as many personal difficulties as mental health specialists. Health practitioners are now seeing the possibilities in hairstylist-client relationships as our understanding of mental health has grown. Hairstylists in several countries have particular training to help customers with mental health difficulties.

Booksy appreciates the therapeutic value hairstylists bring to the table when they help other service providers expand their companies. Because hairstylists are so committed to their clients, Booksy felt it was important to provide them a place to vent. To that end, in 2021, Booksy created National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day. Hairstylists can focus on mental wellness throughout the holidays. Hairstylists often feel pressured to perform well in a small, intimate setting with many clients. This holiday acknowledges that having a bad day is normal.

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day: FAQs

Whom may I consult regarding my mental health?

If you need help with mental health, call NAMI at 1-800-950-6264. NAMI offers programs and treatment options to increase awareness and offer support and education to individuals who require it. The NAMI hotline is accessible from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their website is located at

Does consulting a hairstylist have a positive impact on one’s mental health?

The mental health benefits of visiting a cosmetologist are becoming more widely acknowledged. Alan Wilmart, a director of behavioral health, has previously stated that a haircut can immediately enhance an individual’s mental wellness and improve their overall well-being.

How does your occupation as a beautician influence your mental health?

Previous research has demonstrated that hairstylists experience high levels of job satisfaction and are generally regarded as low-stress occupations. This is primarily because those who pursue this profession derive immense pleasure from their work. Nevertheless, hairstylists are required to maintain rigorous schedules, are frequently on their feet, and interact closely with their clients. These factors can all contribute to mental health difficulties, so it is crucial to periodically verify the well-being of the individuals you care about.

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National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day: Activities

Contact your hairdresser.

A brief message can have a significant impact. You may wish to consider sending a note to your hairstylists to express your gratitude and to assure them that you are always available if they require a conversation.

Pay attention to the narratives of others.

Ask hairstylists about mental health in the business. These public debates can increase awareness and comprehension.

Allocate some time for yourself.

This one is intended for hairstylists. We are aware of your busy schedule, but why not make an effort to create a small amount of time for yourself today, even if it is only for an hour? Have brunch at a pleasant location and take a break from your hectic schedule.

5 Facts about Hairstylists

Anxiety is a prevalent condition.

In any given year, an estimated one in five hairstylists is likely to experience an anxiety disorder.

It is primarily female-dominated.

The hairstyling industry in the United States is overwhelmingly female, with approximately 91% of the workforce being female.

A vast industry

Approximately 77,000 salons are located in the United States, and approximately 707,000 individuals are employed as hairstylists.

A day that was quite hectic

The average cosmetologist attends to 12 clients per day, which results in a significant amount of time spent on their feet.

Consistent guests

The typical individual visits their beautician every seven weeks.

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National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day: Significance

We hold our hairstylists in high regard.

For years, numerous clients have been visiting the same beautician. They regard them as a trusted friend and an integral component of their lives. This observation offers the opportunity to inquire about the well-being of your beautician, who is a significant figure in your life. It is only natural to be concerned about their well-being.

Every individual is entitled to a secure environment.

The nature of their profession naturally places hairstylists in the position of the primary listener, a friendly ear that not only enhances one’s appearance but also promotes a sense of well-being. While it is beneficial for clients, it is important to remember that everyone, including hairstylists, should have the opportunity to express their emotions.

The conversation is advancing.

Opening up about your problems can often improve your mental health. Discussion is important, and this holiday encourages it in contexts where it may not have happened organically.

National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day: Dates

2024May 27Monday
2025May 27Tuesday
2026May 27Wednesday
2027May 27Thursday
2028May 27Saturday

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