National Nail Polish Day 2024 (US): Activities, FAQs, History, Dates, and Facts about Nail Polish

National Nail Polish Day 2024, established in 2017 by Essie nail polish brand, celebrates the appreciation of nail polishes and their diverse colors for women across the US.

National Nail Polish Day 2024 (US): The occasion of National Nail Polish Day on June 1 is a favorite among nearly all women, particularly those who enjoy enhancing the color of their hands. Essie founded the day in 2017 to celebrate nail paints and the many colors available to women nationwide.

Yes, there are an infinite number of nail polish colors—in fact, there are enough to complement every garment in your wardrobe. The day, which was initially observed to commemorate the collective “love for Essie,” has since transformed into an occasion during which a multitude of brands advertise their products and provide exclusive discounts. It is no surprise that women enjoy National Nail Polish Day!

National Nail Polish Day: History

Essie created National Nail Polish Day to celebrate nail-care season. The event also aimed to stimulate nail varnish sales, which had fallen in recent years. Essie created a national day for what reason? Since 1981, Essie has been a nail salon specialist and one of the most popular nail paint brands in the US.

Makeup artists, celebrities, and fashion industry professionals love the brand’s appealing nail polish colors. Thus, National Nail Polish Day discussions often focus on identifying decades-old nail colors.

Social media buzzed about Essie’s 2017 National Nail Polish Day with the hashtag #EssieLove. Loyal Essie customers were invited to post images of their painted hands with the hashtag on National Nail Polish Day to win 100 hues. The hashtag went viral and helped Essie sell more by being seen as a special reward. A great marketing strategy!

If you love nail polish, celebrate the day and post images of your painted hands on social media. Who knows? The prize may be bigger and better this year.

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FAQs regarding National Nail Polish Day

What is the date of National Nail Polish Day?

On June 1, each year, National Nail Polish Day is commemorated.

What color is the nail varnish for 2020?

Classic blue was the nail polish hue of 2020, as it was chosen as Pantone’s color of the year.

What is the current composition of nail polish?

Nail lacquer is composed of a film-forming polymer that is dissolved in a volatile organic solvent.

Five Interesting Facts About Nail Polish

The most costly nail polish

Diamonds are incorporated into the most costly nail lacquer, which is priced at $250,000.

All the pigments required

Essie offers approximately 1,000 distinct nail polish colors.

Psychology and nail colors

According to psychological experts, the color we wear is indicative of our current mental state.

Enhancing cuticle health

Some nail polishes contain protein peptides and vitamins to promote the health of cuticles.

For an extended period of time, nail varnish was

Two years are the expected lifespan of open nail treatments.

National Nail Polish Day 2024 (US): Activities

Obtain a manicure and pedicure.

To commemorate the occasion, visit a salon with your daughter, sister, or friends and receive a manicure and pedicure that are both highly soothing. Not only will your hands and feet appear stunning, but you will also experience a sense of well-being.

Shop for nails

Utilize this day to experiment with various nail colors and determine the one that best suits your preferences, whether you choose to order online or visit the mall. Additionally, it is possible to examine an assortment of peel-off nail colors. It is important to select brands that do not endorse animal experimentation.

Don a novel hue

Have you never donned a color such as black or a vibrant hue like yellow or green? National Nail Polish Day is an ideal opportunity to venture beyond your comfort zone and experiment with something new.

National Nail Polish Day: Dates

2024June 1Saturday
2025June 1Sunday
2026June 1Monday
2027June 1Tuesday
2028June 1Thursday

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