National Orchid Day 2024 (US): Know about its History and FAQs

National Orchid Day, celebrated on April 16, honors orchids, a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, and abundant flowering plant family, with a focus on remembrance of cherished individuals.

National Orchid Day 2024: National Orchid Day occurs on April 16 each year. Are you aware that orchids comprise one of the two largest families of flowering plants, with a current species count ranging from 21,950 to 26,049? They are vibrant in color, aesthetically pleasing, emit pleasant fragrances, and are abundant in nature. Delighting in the remembrance of cherished individuals is the essence of the day, which we hold in the highest regard.

 National Orchid Day: Background

Orchids, which are members of the Orchidaceae family, are a broad-ranging group of blossoming plants distinguished by their vibrant and aromatic buds. In memory of their deceased daughter from the previous year, Mike and Faith Young of South Carolina established National Orchid Day in 2015.

They decided that if they ever had a daughter, they would give her the name ‘Orchid’ because they developed such an intense affection for orchids during their time volunteering at an orchid reserve in Mexico. Despite having a daughter, they tragically miscarried during delivery.

The couple desired to commemorate the occasion and honor the memory of their late daughter with their preferred flower in the wake of this tragedy. As a result, they initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to register for the event. The Humble Bumbles Honey, their backyard honey, was put up for pre-orders; they raised the necessary $1,500 within hours of beginning and registered for National Orchid Day.

After that, the day has garnered extensive acknowledgment among botanical gardens, orchid cultivators, and devotees. Orchids are aesthetically pleasing in every way, whether admired from one’s residence or by traveling to botanical gardens across the globe.

Mike and Faith declare that they will devote the remainder of their lives to growing orchids and raising awareness about them. They propose designating National Orchid Day in remembrance of the lovely lives lost; in doing so, orchids will be more universally appreciated, and their daughter will experience the affection of those who reflect on the beauty of orchids on that day.

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National Orchid Day: FAQs

At what age do orchids mature?

With proper care and consistent maintenance, an orchid plant has the potential to thrive for a century or longer.

Do orchids favor shade or sunlight?

Orchids flourish in direct sunlight, particularly that which is indirect. Therefore, a window facing east, north-south, or vice versa is an ideal location for an orchid.

Can faucet water be used to irrigate orchids?

Yes. Although most chlorinated tap water is acceptable so long as the chlorine content is not excessive, captured rainwater or store-bought distilled water is preferable for watering orchids.

National Orchid Day: Activities

Savour a serving of orchid tea.

Uncooked varieties of wild orchids may be utilized in the preparation of tea. Today is an ideal occasion to appreciate and relish the sophistication of one.

Celebrate the orchid with a garden celebration.

Convey your family and friends to your garden celebration, which will have the theme of orchids. You are certain to enjoy every moment of the experience.

Share images of orchids that you have captured.

Utilize a smartphone or digital camera to capture aesthetically pleasing images of the orchids in your vicinity or in the locations where they are located. You would do well to share these images with the world so that everyone can appreciate how beautiful these flowers are.

National Orchid Day: Five Facts

They date back to antiquity.

One of the most ancient categories of flowering plants consists of orchids.

They require considerable time to flourish.

Orchids can require a maximum of seven years to blossom after germination.

Their existence spans decades.

Orchids have the potential to survive for over a century.

There are many spores present.

A seed capsule of an orchid may comprise a maximum of three million seeds.

They possess enormous weight.

The heaviest orchid measures several hundred pounds in weight, whereas the lightest is roughly the size of a U.S. dime.

National Orchid Day: Importance

It facilitates the remembrance of cherished ones.

A day to be reminded of the importance of valuing, cherishing, and appreciating the people in our lives.

It fosters connection among us.

We can all relate to the experience of losing a loved one. This day facilitates the acknowledgment of our shared emotions and fosters personal connection through the celebration of their lives.

We learn how to effectively manage loss through its instructions.

It inspires all of us to emulate the founding couple of the day’s extraordinary transformation of their loss into a celebration of life and nature. It illuminates more effective strategies for coping with the loss of cherished ones.

National Orchid Day: Dates

2024April 16Tuesday
2025April 16Wednesday
2026April 16Thursday
2027April 16Friday
2028April 16Sunday

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