National Veggie Burger Day 2024 (US): Celebrating Meat-Free Burgers and Activities

National Veggie Burger Day, celebrated annually on June 5, celebrates vegetarian burgers and their environmental benefits, attracting more people to try these nutrient-dense alternatives.

National Veggie Burger Day 2024: The annual National Veggie Burger Day on June 5 is a meat-free burger feast at our house. This day honors the vegetarian burger and its environmental benefits. Many people are eating these tasty, nutrient-dense meat alternatives and going back for more. Have you tried one?

National Veggie Burger Day: History

Vegetarianism has a history that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. However, it became less prevalent as meat-eating became more prevalent in numerous countries worldwide. Individuals who adhered to the bohemian lifestyle frequently implemented vegetarian diets.

Gregory Sams and Craig became vegetarians when their father made a New Year’s Resolution to refrain from meat. Gregory said in an interview that he became a vegetarian at 10 and never went back. At 19, he opened a Paddington, London, restaurant that served vegetarian patties. The Sams brothers then started a new culinary business, but they ran into financial problems. They developed a plan to commercialize a veggie burger. When the “VegeBurger” was introduced, “vegetable” (now “veggie”) was a new term. There were several vegetable patties before this, but this was the first vegetarian burger. This burger was a hit at its prelaunch and was shortly promoted to Safeway and Sainsbury.

The meat-imitation sector has expanded beyond veggie burgers to encompass options such as Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger Patty. The vegetarian food company Amy’s Kitchen created National Veggie Burger Day to honor the positive impact that veggie burgers have on the environment and to encourage more people to eat them.

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National Veggie Burger Day: FAQs

Is it detrimental to consume veggie patties daily?

It is recommended that burgers, vegetables, or any other item be used as an occasional indulgence and not as a substitute for fresh, steamed, or roasted vegetables in your daily diet. The additional calories from the bread and high-calorie condiments deplete the proteins in the patty.

Are veggie patties classified as processed food?

Some off-the-shelf veggie burgers may be classified as “ultra-processed food” or contain excessive quantities of saturated fat, as per “Medical Daily” reports.

What is the healthiest vegetarian burger?

Veggie burgers are the healthiest choice when purchasing frozen meals at the supermarket. The following are available for your selection: Amy’s California Veggie Burger, MorningStar Farms Spicy Indian Veggie Burgers, Gardenburger The Original Veggie Burgers, Trader Joe’s Pizza Veggie Burgers, and so forth.

National Veggie Burger Day: Activities

Prepare a few vegetarian burgers.

How do you celebrate National Veggie Burger Day? Sure, no problem! Could you please make a veggie burger? Experiment with different internet recipes or unleash your creativity to whip up a delicious burger. Broiled cauliflower or broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted vegetable salad with quinoa, or zucchini noodle salad are excellent side dishes.

Invite individuals to participate in a culinary competition.

In a short cook-off with friends and family, demonstrate your culinary skills by preparing delectable vegetarian burger recipes. Invite your loved ones to prepare their preferred combinations and conduct a taste test to determine the winner.

Please visit Amy’s Kitchen.

The website that initiated National Veggie Burger Day commemorates this occasion by providing discount coupons for veggie patties on their website. Purchase their products to enhance the authenticity of your celebration, explore their nutritious vegetarian recipes, or receive a substantial discount.

Five Interesting Facts about Vegetarianism and Veggie Burgers

26 million Americans identify as vegetarians.

According to a 2018 study, 8% of Americans identify as vegetarians or vegans.

Is that a vegetarian burger?

The texture of traditional meat hamburgers is comparable to that of veggie patties, which contain a greater amount of soy and oil.

Veggie patties are more financial-friendly.

According to the 2020 statistics published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a pound of beef costs approximately $4.05, while the same quantity of legumes costs only $1.49.

Veggie burgers conserve water.

Food production would necessitate 37% less water if the United States transitioned to a plant-based alternative.

The figures show how well-liked they are.

The 228 million units of vegetarian burgers sold at quick-service restaurants in 2019 show that their popularity is rising.

National Veggie Burger Day: Importance

We must all contribute to the preservation of the planet.

We save cows and the environment by eating plant-based burgers. One pound of beef requires 1,800 gallons of water, about as much as the average American uses in 100 showers. Therefore, eating less meat conserves water, which the planet needs.

It is a marginally healthier alternative.

According to a Harvard study, individuals who consumed plant-based protein were 29% less likely to succumb to cardiac disease than those who exclusively consumed meat-based proteins. Additionally, there are numerous additional health risks associated with consuming an excessive amount of red meat. Consequently, it is wise to substitute a vegetarian burger whenever feasible.

We develop into gourmet experts.

No, not really. However, the vast array of alternatives available presents a challenge to our culinary creativity. Additionally, the chef is compelled to accommodate a wide range of preferences, as not all individuals have a preference for the same type of vegetarian burger. and the variety of vegetarian burgers is overwhelming, ranging from oats to sweet potatoes and other vegetables, as well as patties made from beans or soy. There is certainly something for everyone.

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