Top Companies That Are Terminating Staff: Here’s the List

Technology companies and entrepreneurs have resumed cutting workers, with 91 companies laying off 24,564 workers as of January, following significant job cuts last year.

Top Companies That Are Terminating Staff: The anticipated and protracted economic downturn has not materialized. Nevertheless, this does not imply that employees are free to find solace in any location.

Thousands of workers at some of the largest American corporations are receiving the pink slip, even though the economy is still thriving.

Top Companies That Are Terminating Staff

Listed below are the organizations that will implement workforce reductions in 2024.


UPS reports a decline in both domestic and international shipment volume. On a January 30 corporate earnings call, CEO Carol Tome characterized 2023 as “unique, and frank to say, challenging and disheartening.”

To ensure the uninterrupted operation of its business, UPS plans to terminate the employment of 12,000 individuals this year.


The vacuum manufacturer iRobot has declared that it will not proceed with its anticipated acquisition by Amazon. As a result, approximately one-third of its workforce, or 350 employees, will be laid off.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the European Union will not grant regulatory approval for the relocation, seemingly leading to the failure of the agreement.

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Wayfair: Prominent Organizations That Are Terminating Staff

Wayfair, a global e-commerce platform specializing in household goods, intends to decrease its workforce by 1,650 personnel, or 13 percent of its overall staff.

According to CNN, CEO Niraj Shah allegedly “went overboard in hiring during a period of robust economic conditions” in an online-hosted open letter. In response to the decline in revenue, the organization is implementing workforce reductions.


A Bloomberg article reports that Citigroup is considering the elimination of 20,000 positions with the potential to generate cost savings of $2.5 billion.

As per the article, to improve the company’s lackluster stock market performance, CEO Jane Fraser has reportedly implemented workforce reductions.


Tens of thousands of Amazon employees were laid off between 2022 and 2023. The cutbacks had an impact on many departments, including those in charge of devices, human resources, retail, cloud computing, advertising, and Twitch livestreaming.

Amazon recently announced the elimination of hundreds of positions within its Amazon MGM Studios and Prime Video divisions.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that division president Mike Hopkins notified staff members of the change through email, stating that it was implemented with the intention of “concentrating on content and product initiatives that yield the greatest influence.”

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Twitch CEO Dan Clancy informed employees in a memo that Amazon plans to “rightsize our company” by eliminating an additional 500 positions at the live streaming platform.

Google stated to USA Today that the changes were being implemented to “enhance efficiency and functionality, as well as to reallocate resources to their most important product initiatives.”

Universal Music Group

Bloomberg reports that for the first quarter of the year, Universal Music Group will lay off hundreds of employees, the majority of whom work in the recorded music industry.

According to a corporate internal document that Reuters obtained, CEO Lucian Grainge explained that workforce reductions are a crucial part of a plan to “enhance the efficiency of our organizational structure.”

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The animation division of Disney, Pixar, has confirmed to TechCrunch that reductions will take place in 2024.

Inside sources have informed TechCrunch that twenty percent of the staff may be laid off. On paper, Pixar asserts that the figures will be considerably lower.

As Pixar transitions to reduced material production, TechCrunch predicts that reductions will occur later in the year.

Football League of the United States

According to CNBC, a minimum of 200 NFL employees have received termination offers.

According to a document from the NFL that CNBC obtained, the league informed its 1,100 employees of the decisions because it is “constantly assessing methods to optimize efficiency and enhance results.”

BlackRock: Prominent Organizations That Are Terminating Staff

According to a Bloomberg article, BlackRock plans to terminate 600 employees or approximately 3% of its workforce.

In a message to employees, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink justified the layoffs by stating that the asset-management industry was undergoing “rapidest change since BlackRock’s inception.”

Unity Software

Unity Software, a developer of video game software, reportedly intended to reduce its personnel by 25%, or 1,800 positions.

The organization announced a “reset” at the end of last year and now plans to focus more on its core business.


CNBC reported that Xerox plans to reduce its workforce by approximately 15% as part of an initiative to introduce a novel operating model and organizational framework.

As per CNBC, the first quarter of this year is expected to witness a reduction in employment, leading to the elimination of over 3,000 positions.

A few Important Details about Top Companies that are Terminating Staff:

  • As of January 2024, when more than 30,000 IT workers were laid off, all key departments had a poor employment outlook after a wave of layoffs in 2023.
  • According to, tech companies worldwide fired over 30,000 workers in January. UPS, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Accenture fired thousands in weeks.
  • UPS was responsible for 40% of technology industry redundancies in January 2024, with over 12,000 layoffs in one month. Google laid off nearly 1,000 workers in January, while PayPal fired 2,500.
  • Amazon may cut thousands of positions in January 2024, although the actual amount is unknown. Technology businesses like YouTube, TikTok, Discord, eBay, and Pixar laid off almost 5,000 workers in January.
  • Layoffs: 1189 technology companies fired 1,62,595 workers in 2023. Most of these cuts were due to rising inflation and pandemic hiring.

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