SAAM Day of Action 2024 (US): Truth-burning History and Facts

SAAM Day of Action 2024, observed on April 2, aims to raise public awareness about sexual assault and provide prevention strategies, focusing on online environments.

SAAM Day of Action 2024: Every first Tuesday in April, we observe SAAM Day of Action; this year, it falls on April 2. In conjunction with the broader Sexual Assault Awareness Month (S.A.A.M), this designated day of action endeavors to enhance public consciousness regarding sexual assault and impart practical strategies for its prevention.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (N.S.V.R.C) is responsible for choosing the annual SAAM Day of Action theme and also organizes educational and awareness-raising activities related to sexual violence. The increasing reliance of the global community on technology has led to a recent emphasis on addressing sexual assault prevention, specifically in online environments.

SAAM Day of Action: History

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (N.S.V.R.C) initiated the observance of SAAM Day of Action in 2004. “To provide leadership in preventing and responding to sexual violence through collaboration, resource sharing and creation, and research promotion” is the aim of the center. They want a world that values diversity, respects everyone, and offers them full control over their bodies and sexuality.

The primary objective of SAAM Day of Action is to proactively address the issues of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment, while also offering assistance and support to survivors. Any form of sexual contact or activity that occurs without the victim’s consent is considered sexual assault. Sexual assault includes rape, attempted rape, sexual coercion, coercive contact or fondling, and other similar acts. Showing sexual images to someone without their consent is also considered. Sexual assault is a grave offense that demands appropriate legal action.

PTSD, anger, denial, nightmares, humiliation, dread, despair, guilt, rationalization, mood swings, numbness, promiscuity, loneliness, social anxiety, and lack of trust are common among survivors. Survivors of sexual assault deserve compassion and assistance, not condemnation, stigmatization, and victim-shaming. Additionally, therapy and counseling are necessary to facilitate their recovery and treatment.

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SAAM Day of Action: FAQs

Who assumes the role of N.S.V.R.C. leader?

Yolanda Edrington represents the N.S.V.R.C. as its executive director.

Which location houses the N.S.V.R.C.?

Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, N.S.V.R.C. has a global influence.

What is the punishment for rape in the United States of America?

If the trial is within State or Federal jurisdiction, rape can result in one year to life in prison.

The Reasons We Adore

  • Some capacity has seen a third or more of women experience sexual violence.
  • A significant proportion of males, exceeding 25%, have been victims of sexual violence.
  • Over eighty thousand inmates are victims of sexual violence annually.
  • More than sixty thousand minors are victims of sexual violence annually.
  • A familiar person with the victim commits about 80% of assaults.

SAAM Day of Action: Dates

2022April 5Tuesday
2023April 4Tuesday
2024April 2Tuesday
2025April 1Tuesday
2026April 7Tuesday

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