Save the Elephant Day 2024: Five Important Facts about Elephants

Save the Elephant Day, celebrated annually on April 16, aims to raise awareness about the declining elephant population worldwide.

Save the Elephant Day 2024: Save the Elephant Day is annually observed on April 16 throughout the globe. Its objective is to bring attention to the plight of elephants, whose population has significantly continued to decline.

Save the Elephant Day: Background

Elephants, which inhabit Africa and Asia, are the largest terrestrial animals that have ever existed. Recent research indicates that the current population of elephants on the African continent stands at just over 400,000. While variations in the situation exist among individual countries, it is indisputable that these enormous mammals are experiencing a decline throughout the entire continent. Ivory poaching and other anthropogenic activities continue to be substantial contributors to the decline.

Save the Elephant Day encourages everyone to do their part in the effort to prevent the extinction of elephants and aims to redress this distressing trend through public education and awareness-raising regarding elephants and their plight.

Global organizations have collaborated to address some of the most significant threats elephant populations face. The international trade of ivory was prohibited in 1989. A consensus among the member states of the Convention on International Traffic in Endangered Species (CITES) was reached to prohibit the global traffic of ivory.

China, the greatest market for ivory in the world, demanded an end to all ivory sales within the country in 2016. The royal assent was granted to the U.K. Ivory Act 2018 on December 20, 2018, after its passage through the British Parliament. Future extensions of the legislation could potentially encompass hippos, walruses, and narwhals as well.

In partnership with Canadian filmmaker Patricia Sims, the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation in Thailand officially declared Save the Elephant Day in 2012. William Shatner, the voice of “Star Trek,” narrated the documentary “Return to the Forest,” which debuted in 2012 in conjunction with the launch of this global initiative.

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Save the Elephant Day: FAQs

Why is it commemorated World Elephant Day?

World Elephant Day is annually observed on August 12 to bring attention to the perilous conditions elephants face and promote conservation efforts.

Can Save the Elephants be trusted?

Yes, Save the Elephants, which was founded by Iain Douglas-Hamilton in September 1993 and is based in Kenya, is a charity registered in the United Kingdom.

The Save the Elephants Foundation is what?

The mission of the Save the Elephants Foundation is to ensure elephants’ survival.

Save the Elephant Day: Activities

Raise consciousness via social media

Contribute informative content regarding the conservation of elephants to your social media accounts. Additionally, you can participate in public awareness campaigns that urge others to assist in the preservation of endangered elephant populations.

Avoid acquiring ivory products.

To contribute to the deterrence of elephant poaching, abstain from purchasing ivory products. Poachers will not have a market for elephant tusks if there is no demand for them.

Advocate for organizations

Contribute to the efforts of organizations attempting to eradicate the trade and illegal poaching of elephant ivory and other wildlife products. By volunteering or donating to their cause, you can be of assistance.

Save the Elephant Day: Five Facts

Elephants influence ecosystem formation.

Due to the crucial role elephants play in sustaining ecosystems, they are classified as core species.

Species are classified according to their ears.

African elephants have considerably larger ears than their Asian counterparts.

Tusks of elephants are canines.

Tusks are incisor teeth that become enlarged and become visible in elephants around the age of two.

Numerous African elephants have become extinct.

In the previous century, the ivory trade eradicated approximately 90 percent of African elephants.

The elephant epidermis is exceptionally thick.

In most areas, an elephant’s epidermis can be up to 1.6 inches thick.

Save the Elephant Day: Importance

It inhibits the illicit trading of elephants as wildlife.

We have the opportunity to assist in putting an end to the illicit trafficking of elephants for wildlife. We bolster wildlife trade monitoring networks, rangers, community scouts, and sniffer dogs to deter poachers and reduce the demand from would-be purchasers.

The public is sensitized.

We raise consciousness regarding the plight of elephants. Additionally, we work to dissuade consumers from purchasing ivory products.

It procures funding.

By soliciting contributions for the Save the Elephants movement, we can contribute to their conservation. Additionally, activities to raise money for the conservation of the estimated 497,000 remaining elephants in the globe are planned.

Save the Elephant Day: Dates

2024April 16Tuesday
2025April 16Wednesday
2026April 16Thursday
2027April 16Friday
2028April 16Sunday

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