UN Chinese Language Day 2024: Discover its Intriguing History and Facts

United Nations Chinese Language Day 2024, celebrated annually on April 20, promotes multilingualism and cultural diversity, with six official languages honoring Chinese, promoting official language equality worldwide.

UN Chinese Language Day 2024: The United Nations celebrates Chinese Language Day annually on April 20th. The holiday is a fantastic opportunity to appreciate and immerse us in the richness of various languages and cultures. Chinese is recognized as one of the six official languages by the United Nations. The holiday helps to advance the goal of equal treatment for official languages.

Every official language is celebrated with six designated days. Holidays are celebrated by people all around the world. The day’s activities aim to highlight the importance of Chinese culture and the appreciation for diversity. It’s important for everyone to acknowledge and appreciate the many similarities and differences among cultures.

UN Chinese Language Day: History

People have spoken Chinese for millennia. The Chinese established the Sino-Tibetan language family, and they credit Cangjie with developing the Chinese language. Cangjie was a prominent and well-known individual in ancient China. As the inventor of Chinese characters and an official historian of the Yellow Emperor, he is well-known. Cangjie is remembered as the one who selected the holiday date.

During the early years of the Yellow Emperor’s tenure, the initial official historians coined the Chinese characters. Diverse dialects developed and disseminated across the Chinese provinces. Contemporary Chinese has difficulty discerning a significant portion of the archaic Chinese that people spoke between the early and middle 11th and 7th centuries B.C.

The United Nations declared UN Chinese Language Day in an effort to encourage multilingualism and cultural diversity. The objective was to increase public awareness regarding the historical background of the Chinese language. Instructors instruct individuals on the advantages they can obtain through Chinese language study. The United Nations designated Chinese as an official language in 1946, and the General Assembly incorporated it as a working language in 1973. A considerable number of United Nations personnel utilize Chinese for practical purposes.

Supporters of embracing the Chinese language promote a culture that values individuals who are fluent in multiple languages. Studying language has numerous advantages for the mind and helps to expand one’s perspectives. The public is increasingly recognizing the captivating experience of immersing themselves in different cultures. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from cultures worldwide. In addition, acquiring proficiency in another language, like Chinese, enhances our ability to communicate with others who speak the same language.

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UN Chinese Language Day: FAQs

What is the age of the Chinese language?

It is widely believed that Cangjie, an ancient figure, invented the Chinese characters approximately 5,000 years ago.

Is Mandarin spoken by a significant number of individuals?

A vast majority of individuals in China, around 95%, possess the ability to speak and comprehend Mandarin.

Which Chinese character is considered the most intricate?

The Chinese character ‘Biang’ is widely recognized for its intricate design, consisting of 57 strokes and being written twice.

Five extraordinary facts about the Chinese language that will astound you.

  1. Chinese, like the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, is a pictographic language.
  2. Instead of employing a segmented alphabet, the Chinese language is learned through the study of various characters.
  3. According to some Chinese dictionaries, the number of characters in the Chinese language is significantly greater than 50,000.
  4. It is possible to comprehend and speak Chinese with knowledge of no more than 20,000 characters.
  5. In Chinese, neither feminine nor masculine terms exist in writing or speech.

Un Chinese Language Day: Dates

2024April 20Saturday
2025April 20Sunday
2026April 20Monday
2027April 20Tuesday
2028April 20Thursday

Chinese Language Day 2024 (China): Learn about its Activities and Importance

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