Volunteer Recognition Day 2024 (US): Explore its History and Facts

Volunteer Recognition Day 2024 honors altruistic individuals who donate time and energy to promote good causes, without expecting compensation or recognition, in various sectors worldwide.

Volunteer Recognition Day 2024 (US): People observe Volunteer Recognition Day on April 20 each year. It is a day to honor, recognize, and celebrate the altruistic individuals who donate their time and energy to promote good causes and assist others, as the name suggests. It is truly inspiring that volunteers perform all of this without expecting compensation or recognition for their efforts. Volunteers are present in all sectors, including conflict zones, hospitals, retirement communities, and community kitchens. Their altruistic deed merits acclaim on an international scale.

Volunteer Recognition Day: History

Volunteer Recognition Day, as its name implies, is an occasion to honor, recognize, and commemorate individuals who donate their time, energy, and resources to assist others without expecting any form of compensation in return. The Cambridge Dictionary defines a volunteer as “an individual who voluntarily and without remuneration or coercion engages in a particular activity, mostly to assist others.” Volunteering is possibly as ancient as or nearly as old as humanity itself. Individuals have extended help and assistance during periods of necessity for generations.

Although beginning appearing in the 1630s, ‘volunteering’ was not completely operational until 1755.Volunteers for the army interpreted it militarily. Conflict has linked organized volunteering. Women would volunteer to treat wounded soldiers on the battlefield, while others spent their lives making uniforms. The Red Cross, one of history’s most prominent volunteer organizations, also emerged from the conflict. Henry Dunant noticed that injured warriors were not receiving enough medical care during the Battle of Solferino and felt compelled to act. In “A Souvenir of Solferino,” he urged that all armies should treat wounded soldiers, regardless of faction. Since then, volunteering has evolved across industries. Others volunteer at community kitchens or travel abroad to help the people with low income. Volunteering is a noble and honorable undertaking for all.

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Volunteer Recognition Day: FAQs

What year did Henry Dunant enter the world?

The birth date of Henry Dunant is May 8, 1828.

What is the location of the Red Cross headquarters?

The Red Cross situates its principal administrative center in Geneva, Switzerland.

What is the name of the Red Cross’s president?

Peter Maurer is the incumbent president of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Five Organizations that rely on volunteers

  1. Amnesty International extends invitations to volunteers to participate in a diverse array of activities from any of their global offices.
  2. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in volunteer work in Vietnam, the Cook Islands, Tanzania, St. Lucia, Portugal, Poland, Nepal, Peru, Italy, Greece, Ecuador, Cuba, and China, in addition to volunteering within the United States.
  3. The Red Cross regards voluntarism as a cornerstone principle, and it mobilizes more than 14 million volunteers globally.
  4. The Peace Corps offers volunteering opportunities in the following domains: education, environment, health, youth in development, community economic development, and education.
  5. The United Nations volunteer program can still deploy an additional 9,400 volunteers globally.

Volunteer Recognition Day: Dates

2024April 20Saturday
2025April 20Sunday
2026April 20Monday
2027April 20Tuesday
2028April 20Thursday

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