Birth anniversary of Manlilikha Intaray 2024: Discover his Incredible History and Facts

Manlilikha ng Bayan Masino Intaray, a renowned Philippine writer and performer, was honored with the 1993 Living National Treasure Award.

Birth anniversary of Manlilikha Intaray 2024: Born and raised in Palawan, Masino Intaray was one of the recipients of the Gawad ng Maharlika ng Bayan, also known as the Living National Treasure Award. This was done in honor of his achievements due to his outstanding contributions to Philippine literature and the performing arts. This day is celebrated on April 10.

Birth anniversary of Manlilikha Intaray

The Palawan people, who inhabit the southern Palawan highlands, are a significant cultural indigenous group in Palawan, Philippines. They continue to hold the belief that the earth, sky, sea, and other celestial bodies are public property. They adhere to a fundamental social ethic of sharing. Event-filled ‘tambilaw’ and ‘tinapay’ ceremonies involve the exchange of knowledge, expertise, beverages, and concepts. A ritual offering to Ampo’t Paray, the deity associated with rice, the ‘tambilaw’ entails the communal preparation and distribution of rice.

‘Tinapay’ refers to the ceremony of consuming rice liquor. The ‘basal’ or percussion music ensemble assumes a significant function during these festive occasions. The melody of the basal spiritually connects them to the Great Lord Ampo. The basal and rice wine both serve to animate the evening. It unites attendees under one roof, the ‘kolon banwa,’ which translates to ‘large house,’ and can accommodate approximately one hundred visitors.

This naturally intertwined community is Masino Itaray’s place of origin. His expertise extended to the ‘basal’ and the ‘kulilal,’ which were both lyrical poems accompanied by a lute and zither. His proficiency extended to the ‘bagit’, an instrument that emulated the rhythms, noises, and motions of the natural world. He performed the ‘aroding’ (mouth harp) and ‘babarak’ (ring flute) with great skill. Furthermore, he was a highly productive poet who possessed an extraordinary understanding of oral traditions, including’sudsungit’ (narratives), ‘tutul’ (epics), and ‘tuturan’ (myths of ancestral teachings and origins). He possessed intellectual lucidity, a creative memory, and a sense of spiritual purpose. As a result, he was capable of reciting countless epics and tales throughout lengthy, consecutive evenings.

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Birth anniversary of Manlilikha Intaray: FAQs

What distinguishes a recipient of the National Living Treasure Award from that of the National Artist award?

A national artist represents himself exclusively. A designated national living treasure embodies the spirit of an entire community.

What privileges does the recipient of the National Living Treasure Award enjoy?

The Central Bank of the Philippines bestows a gold-plated medal upon the recipient, in addition to awarding a financial prize of 200,000 PHP, a stipend for life worth 50,000 PHP, and annual medical and hospital benefits totaling 750,000 PHP. In addition, state functions reserve a place of distinction for them. If they desire, we grant them a burial in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani, also known as the Cemetery for the Heroes, in addition to a state tribute.

What is the significance of the National Living Treasure Award?

Preserving the expertise and understanding required to enact, perform, or recreate intangible cultural heritage elements that possess significant artistic, cultural, or historical worth is its primary objective.

The Philippines: Five Facts to Become a National Living Treasure

  1. This community has maintained its conventions, beliefs, rituals, and traditions.
  2. This tradition ought to have been documented and in existence for a minimum of fifty years.
  3. Their output ought to possess a unique caliber.
  4. It is incumbent upon them to impart their expertise in their indigenous art to fellow community members.
  5. They must possess an exceptional technical command of the materials and instruments required for their craft and produce works of perfection.

Birth Anniversary of Manlilikha Intaray: Dates

2024April 10Wednesday
2025April 10Thursday
2026April 10Friday
2027April 10Saturday
2028April 10Monday

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