Florida Freedom Sales Tax Holiday: A Look at the Duration of the Summer Sales Tax Break

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis introduces the Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday, offering tax relief on admissions to state parks, museums, fishing gear, and outdoor equipment.

Florida Freedom Sales Tax Holiday: The Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday, a new tax relief initiative for Fiscal Year 2024/25, has been introduced by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This tax holiday exempts state park and museum admissions, fishing gear, and recreational equipment.

Governor DeSantis has ordered all Florida State Parks to offer free admission for Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-27, 2024, to kick off the summer season. We will eliminate sales tax on seasonal items to help households during the summer.

What is the duration of the Florida Freedom Sales Tax Holiday?

The Freedom Month Sales Tax Holiday will exempt a variety of items that people frequently use during summer activities throughout the month of July from taxes.

The tax holiday includes goggles and snorkels priced at $25 or less, pool toys priced at $35 or less, and coolers, life vests, and paddles priced at $75 or less for those interested in boating and water activities. Inflatable water tubes, wakeboards, paddleboards, surfboards, canoes, and kayaks will also be tax-exempt, subject to price limits.

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Fishing aficionados benefit from the tax holiday’s exemptions on bait and tackle, tackle cases, and reels and rods within certain price ranges. Campers will find tax-free tents, chairs, sleeping bags, and flashlights.

The tax holiday will encompass a variety of outdoor supplies, including bicycles, bicycle helmets, water bottles, outdoor barbecues, and sunscreen, thereby facilitating the enjoyment of outdoor activities by families without the additional expense of sales tax.

The tax holiday applies not only to tangible items but also to tickets for events and performances scheduled from July 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024. We include the following: Experience live music, attend sporting events, watch movies, enjoy ballets, witness plays, visit fairs, and participate in festivals.

This tax relief initiative also encompasses admissions to museums and state parks, which include annual passes and season reservations for cultural events.

Florida Implements Freedom Summer Sales Tax Exemption to Boost Economy

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