Clinical Trials Day 2024 (US): Learn about its History and Activities

Clinical Trials Day, celebrated on May 20 to honor James Lind's 1747 randomized clinical experiment, is an international celebration of public health and medical clinical research experts.

Clinical Trials Day 2024: Clinical Trials Day is celebrated on May 20 to honor James Lind’s 1747 randomized clinical experiment. On Clinical Trials Day, honor public health and medical clinical research experts. This day also honors clinical research specialists who have improved public health. International communication, meetings, talks, and clinical research celebrations should focus on this topic throughout this time.

Clinical Trials Day: History

This day has a lengthy and distinguished past, as it commemorates an event that transpired precisely in the 1700s, several centuries ago. In 1747, surgeon James Lind was on the Royal Navy ship H.M.S. Salisbury. The ship’s crew patrolled the English Channel when scurvy and its fatalities were frequent.

The predominant etiology of scurvy is a severe insufficiency of vitamin C. Those who pass away due to periodontal disease typically do so due to an infection that the condition induces, accompanied by the hemorrhaging that ensues.

James Lind, a naval hygiene pioneer, believed he had found the therapy but needed proof. He next took twelve infected males and tested them on citrus and non-citrus fruits. Lind assigned two male volunteers to six daily interventions for 14 days, keeping the selection process secret.

The treatment included: 1.1 liters of cider, 25 milliliters of elixir vitriol (diluted sulfuric acid), 18 milliliters of vinegar three times a day before meals, half a pint of seawater, two oranges and one lemon until supply runs out, and a medicinal paste of garlic, mustard seed, dried radish root, and gum myrrh. Lind found that citrus fruit administration had the greatest immediate effects. The first clinical trial began.

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Clinical Trials Day: FAQs

Could minors potentially participate in clinical trials?

Yes. Pediatric patients are typically requested to participate in clinical trials; as a result, tremendous strides have been made in the treatment of pediatric cancer over the years.

May I depart early from a clinical trial?

Yes. Withdrawing from a clinical trial is not subject to any specific time restriction and can be done for any given reason.

How can one ascertain their suitability as a participant in a clinical trial?

Participants in all clinical investigations are governed by a set of guidelines. The aforementioned are called the eligibility criteria. Participation in a clinical study may be possible provided that you satisfy specific requirements, such as age, gender, disease type and stage, previous treatment history, and the presence of any additional medical conditions.

Clinical Trials Day: Activities

Register to participate in a clinical trial.

Participants in clinical trials are frequently in high demand among professionals conducting such research. Participating in clinical trials is simple, and you may even receive compensation for your time and effort. Immediately contemplate making a contribution to medical research if you are interested in doing so.

Increase consciousness

One can educate the public about clinical trials and the beneficial effects they have on others. Additionally, increasing awareness can motivate individuals to enroll in clinical trials.

Engage in social media

The influence and scope of social media are unparalleled. Communicating the significance of the day through writing has the potential to reach the appropriate audiences and alter lives.

Five Facts About Clinical Trials

Protocol (Dis

Every clinical study is accompanied by a comprehensive protocol, which serves as a detailed blueprint delineating the methodology and execution of the clinical experiment.

Comparative cohorts

Clinical trials almost always incorporate comparison groups, wherein patients are assigned at random to one of two or more statistically similar groups, albeit with distinct treatment protocols for each group.

The placebo

Plaques, which are non-therapeutic substances utilised as a control group for patients, are employed in a restricted proportion of cancer clinical trials.

The principle of informed assent

A consent form will be furnished to you if you agree to participate in the study, and informed consent will be obtained from you prior to your decision to participate or decline by a nurse or doctor conducting the trial.

Chief investigative officer

Frequently, the primary investigator of the trial is a physician, who also oversees the research.

Clinical Trials Day: Significance

Determine which medications are effective

Clinical trials are one of the best ways to find drugs that treat specific diseases or improve physiological processes. Clinical trials are the only way to improve illness detection, prevention, and medications. Without clinical trials on humans, researchers cannot determine what works in the lab or on animals.

Ensures that adverse effects are subdued.

Additionally, adverse effects of a novel treatment can be assessed in clinical trials to determine whether or not they outweigh the potential benefits. A novel and more efficacious pharmaceutical agent was identified as a result of a clinical trial previously undertaken by another individual.

Inapplicable to another ailment

Typically, a medication has attained the clinical trial phase characterized by safety and a reasonable likelihood of efficacy. Clinical trials are occasionally conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of an approved medication in the treatment of a disease for which it has been previously determined to be effective.

Clinical Trials Day: Dates

2024May 20Monday
2025May 20Tuesday
2026May 20Wednesday
2027May 20Thursday
2028May 20Saturday

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