National Sticky Bun Day 2024 (US): History, and Fun Activities

National Sticky Bun Day, February 21, celebrates the 18th-century Philadelphia treat, "Schnecken," also known as caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls, or monkey bread.

National Sticky Bun Day 2024 (US):  A perfect companion to your morning coffee, subtly sweet with hints of hazelnut and perhaps caramel—you know exactly what we’re talking about. February 21 marks National Sticky Bun Day, celebrating this delightful treat believed to have originated as “Schnecken” in Philadelphia during the 18th century, brought to the United States by German settlers. Often enjoyed for breakfast, sticky buns are also known as caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls, or monkey bread.

National Sticky Bun Day: History

Decades of debate surround the sticky bun’s and National Sticky Bun Day’s origins, with some attributing them to Ancient Egypt and others to Germany. Nevertheless, a consensus exists that the sticky bun was introduced to Pennsylvania by German emigrants, notably the Pennsylvania Dutch, who were escaping religious persecution in the eighteenth century.

Initially referred to as “schnecken,” these pastries have evolved into a signature delicacy of Philadelphia. The primary distinction between cinnamon rolls and sticky buns is the incorporation of almonds, usually pecans, which transform a standard cinnamon roll into a sticky bun.

Preparing a caramel glaze before baking makes sticky buns stickier, whereas cinnamon rolls are typically finished with a powdered sugar glaze for a sweet taste.

Activities National Sticky Bun Day

Craft your sticky buns.

Imagine filling your kitchen with the delightful aroma of caramel and spices as you bake. With countless recipes, tutorials, and blogs available, why hesitate? Dive into the world of sticky buns today!

Discover the best sticky buns in your area.

Explore the offerings of local bakeries and brunch spots to find your favorite sticky bun. Make it a Sunday tradition to sample different establishments until you uncover the ultimate treat—then, perhaps, keep your discovery a secret to savor it all for yourself.

Explore your options.

Sticky buns come in various shapes and sizes. Create a large, cake-like sticky roll by arranging dough balls in a cake pan, or opt for a pull-apart loaf in a bread pan. Don’t limit sticky buns to brunch; bring your creation to your next dinner party for a guaranteed hit!

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 National Sticky Bun Day Importance

Comfort food at its best.

The aroma of a sticky bun instantly evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, whether it’s baking in your oven or tempting you at a bakery. Unraveling the layers of dough, sugar, and spices transports you to a place of joy and solace rarely found in other foods.

Endless possibilities.

Making sticky buns is easy, with endless options for fillings and toppings. Experiment with warm spices like cinnamon or cloves, or get creative with apple or chocolate fillings. Customize your sticky sauce with honey or maple syrup for a personal touch – the possibilities are endless, so have fun and enjoy the stickiness!

Universally beloved.

It’s hard to resist the allure of a gooey, fluffy, sticky bun. Many people fondly remember childhood moments of enjoying store-bought dough or indulging in fairground treats. If you encounter someone who doesn’t love sticky buns, approach them with caution; they might be in the minority!


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